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Juicy Fruit blunt! ![({PICS})]!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MagicHat, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So I was strolling around campus today walking back from lunch and I just happened to look down as I was stepping over a puddle and there was a 20$ in it! I was super pumped because stuff like this never happens to me. Anyway, bought a gram of some juicy fruit and rolled up a celebratory blunt. Enjoy!

    Used a peach Game which I never find at the Cumbies by my school, thought I'd give it a try. I just one stepped it, 'cause that's how I roll :rolleyes:



    Super potent, stunk up my hallway.


    Had to roll it on top of the new SI swimsuit issue I just got. It would be unjust not to.



    And what's better than some Juicy Fruit with some juicy fruit?

  2. solid blunt
  3. That looks like some bomb weed man.
    GJ rolling that blunt bet it smoked fine.
  4. haha good weed man and nice blunt

    does it smell of taste at all like juicy fruit?
  5. That looks like a lot more than a G in that bag, did you buy more?
  6. nice blunt mah man. grats on finding some cash. i once found 60 bucks in safeway haha.

    What kinda wrap is that? looks like it would burn super slow, i wanna try it.
  7. Nice JUICY FRUIT in dat blunt
  8. real talk...
    good luck w/ that $20.
    crazy...put it 2 gud use tho...
    bomb herb 2...
    Toke that ez...:smoke:
  9. Makin' me crave a blunt.

    You've done well. hahah
  10. Dank bluntz + Hot babes = :eek:
  11. you honestly used double the paper needed but decent job on the rolling.
  12. Quit hating. Looks to me like he rolled it fine. I've been rollin blunts for 5 years. Looks like a solid roll to me.

    Now I have to go get a dutch and twist one up :smoke:
  13. I found 20 bucks in my school hallway and i also found 20 bucks in a parking lot thats the extent of my good luck. Nice pickup dank as heyall and good blunt doesnt look like poop at all.
  14. x2 well said.

  15. Yea man that does look like more than 1 g. unless its not as dense. But good pickup.
    And nice Blunt:smoke:
  16. Thanks man.

    Na, not really. I wish I could tell you what it smells like, I've got a hell of a cold and cant smell or taste much of anything.

    Nope, it's pretty fluffy, and my dealer likes me.

    Peach Game. Pick one up, they're great one steppers.

    No, I cut a good amount off. I'm still an amateur roller so I like to leave an extra so it's easier to roll for me.
  17. looks like some funk man
    nice rollin job
  18. You just got that SI swimsuit issue? I got mine 2-3 weeks ago. Check out Anne.;)
  19. lol forreel he got the cancer paper on it n all that:eek:
  20. Yeah, totally left that on. It's my favorite part.

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