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Juicy drops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistBrian, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever used those juicy drops to flavor your bong smoke?

    Are they decent?
  2. Don't they made those specifically for joints/blunts? I can't imagine why anyone would want to taint the sweet smoke of the herb out of a water pipe.
  3. Used em in like freshman year of high school in a bong.. I remember them being very tasty. But at this point in life i feel, weed smoking is for enjoying the weed itself, and food is for things tasting good. No need to get gimmicky making your bong rip taste like watermelon
  4. It must have all sorts of chemicals that are not good to inhale.
  5. You know whenever I'm smoking, I look forward to the sweet taste of herb. Why would you want anything different? If I want to taste something with flavor I'll load herb into a hookah with some seesha.
  6. I have tried the mango one and it was decent, not worth waiting 1-2 mins for it to dry on the bowl tho. also makes the smoke smells like mango
  7. Where would you buy some of these?
  8. Do they have marijuana flavor?
  9. That shit is a marketing scheme for children.
  10. i prefer the sweet taste of herb
  11. I just pour some icee on my weed

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