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Juice in a bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MyStonerCharm, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Has anyone put anything other than water in a bing? My friend said he tried OJ and I'm just wondering does it actually do something?
  2. I've put beer in a few times at parties when I can't be assed getting up and filling it with water, it doesn't really make a difference except sometimes it tastes a bit shitty.
  3. nasty....

    The only thing id recommend is adding drops of lemon juice to your water. The acid will prevent res from forming keeping your bong cleaner longer and giving you a lemon taste or no taste if you add less.

    Check my tutorial out for more info
  4. I wouldn't recommend it. It's never ended well for me.
  5. It'd get all sticky after too
  6. I just don't see the point. It might change the taste a little, but it's going to make your bong all sticky and harder to clean. And I'd assume that anything other than water has a higher chance of taking away some of your THC. :confused_2:
  7. My friend Jo told me to put a touch of baking soda in the water to help deodorize it and keep it fresher. I kinda thought that was weird. Not sure if I would try it.

    When I was younger (early 20's) I put jack into a home made bong for giggles. An old friend asked me to save it so he could drink it. And he did! Ended up puking. He was such a dumb ass.
  8. I have, only on homemade. I can make glass bongs so I don't have a problem, I enjoy an og rip for breakfast, or gaterade sometimes
  9. I heard one of my friends put water and grape kool aid without sugar and it made a little difference
  10. I saw my friend take a hit out of the bong filled with Monster lol. He said it was a terrible taste and dumped it out.
  11. coconut milk....nice
  12. eh i tried vodka once....just dont. ever again.
  13. I put liquid nitrogen in my bong once. The smoke was soooo smooth. ;)
  14. doesnt that shit turn to vapor the moment you let it out of the freezer?
  15. I've always wanted to be Pepsi or some shit like that in a bong. Always thought it'd make it taste better, but fuck it, weed tastes good enough anyways.
  16. #16 aPersonUponaHill, Dec 19, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2012
    Yes, and inhaling it would end your lungs instantly.

    I have never used anything other than water, I have hit a dry 2 footer before...harsh and dry is how it feels for those wondering. My one buddy was really drunk and thought it was fine, maybe great. It was pretty hilarious and his drunk persistance got me to take a second hit.
  17. Im just kidding, the glass would probably shatter as soon as the liquid nitrogen touched it.
  18. clear american flavored water.. comes in pretty much all flavors and is sugar free. calorie free. so its perfectly safe for using in a bong and makes for a tasty smoke :)
  19. One time I used piss.
    JK That's fucking gross.
  20. Sugary drinks and bongs don't clean up or work well. But just do it to get it out of your system I guess..

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