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  1. I have decided to start a juice fast, but after several hours online, have failed to find any free and reliable sources. Even the links provided by erowid left me unsatisfied.

    I am simply looking for some direction towards the information I seek. I don't want it to be longer than a week, and I am just looking for a simple "How To" article explaining the basics. I am posting this in the spirituality section because it is a custom in so many religions, however, I am NOT looking for a religion based tutorial.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I'll try to help.

    I have fasted before; A pure water fast in roughly eight day periods.
    That was a while ago though. The first few days that you start to feel a water fast; are very uncomfortable, something to keep in mind.

    What i dug up on the subject.

    this guide goes down to the details of the actual juicing process and the cycles.

    General information on what is going to take place.

    Another link:

    Sorry if all info is already old news to you.
  3. I am no expert on fasting and have very little experience, but when I saw that you were interested in a juice fast, I just thought that I'd recommend you try raw juice and use a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  4. I have studied and practiced yoga for 20 years, 13 of those years as a vegetarian, which included fasting. There are many types of fasts: but you should be prepared, fasting needs to be started right, for example , if your a cheesburger type and have had a diet of meat and garbage, then fasting once won't really be that beneficial, however , fasting is ALWAYS a great way to clean the sytem. There are: water fasts (very dangerous), juice fasts, wheat grass fasts, and the MASTER CLEANSER fast. Fasting for more than 7 days helps to break down toxins in your blood, after that happens you may feel groggy and tired due to the amount of crap that enters your blood. Depending on your "GOAL" you should be well prepared by cutting down on the food you eat before the endeavor, salad , rice, beans is a good way to prep, for at least a cpl of days, then you fast, juicing is the easiest and most comprehensive way, beets, carrots, wheatgrass and papaya is a great fast, but the most effective and BEST fast is the MASTER CLEANSER, I did it for 20 days and had a great spiritual experience. you must also come off a fast correctly, I.E rice, beans, salad, little protein introduced slowly.
    check it out:

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