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  1. I know some other blades must love to juggle as much as I do. I got most beginner 3 ball tricks down bit haven't tried even jugglig 4 or 5 balls.

    If you've never tried then I highly advise it. It's alot of fun and has many benefits! And doesn't take long to et good
  2. I can juggle man

    try to get 2 in 1 hand for both hands ..
  3. Been juggling for roughly 11 years.

    I got three, four, and five balls down to perfection. Currently, I'm working on three in each hand (read: six). Every once and a while I give seven a try, but it never lasts too long... that shit is way different than five or six.
  4. Shit man.. I think in the summer ill give 5 ball a go since I don't really have room inside

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