Juggalo's?? Huh?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. U guys always see my posts im sure, you see my strange siggie... well other than Ozzy who I'm sure u all know.. but the Juggalo parts... I just wanna explain that a lil bit for those who don't know what one is. Well, everyone has their own classification, usually by either music or drugs. You have the gangster thug hommie G's :p or the metal heads, or the preppy bitches that no one likes and I bully around. A Juggalo is one of them, but its pretty much the newest of all. ICP (insane Clown Posse) is basically who started it. With Violen J's (rapper for ICP) twiztid brain and insane thoughts, ICP sprung forth! :p In short, a Juggalo is a twiztid cereal killin ma fucka, that sports the clown in his heart. Now, I know SOME of u have heard ICP, maybe even Twiztid... i KNOW u all heard of the KottonMouth Kings (ICP and KMK are pretty much cool with each other) And i know u guys have probably either loved ICP or hated em... their fucked up lyrics have disturbed many im sure.. but you gotta look at the love they give. Juggalo's really do just love each other for the simple fact that they are Juggalo's... its pretty cool. I'm not really a Juggalo, because I like other shit too... But thats just a lil explination on that.
  2. just gotta say that your fuckin gay
    as much as i love the phsycopathic
    records family you make them sound
    absolutely retarded which is entirely
    untrue....and your not a JUGGALO!!
  3. This is about music...

    I moved to music hall!
  4. aight drgreen, Im sure hes much less of a loser than you.
    and im sure hes 100x more of a juggalo then you'd ever dream of being.

    nuff said.
  5. While I am not quite sure I can figure out exactly what a juggalo is, and whether it's good or not (I am a nerd, OK), I don't see the need to be calling people names (i.e. loser) or disrespecting one another. Can we please refrain from that here?

    "fuckin gay", drgreen, is not an acceptable argument. if you disagree or dislike the manner in which a member has posted about something, its OK to disagree and voice that opinion, but by name-calling and using hostility, you're not accomplishing anything, and it is not acceptable.

    thanks and happy toking

  6. Damn B!
    what's the dilly? sounds like he hit a personal chord!
  7. LOL
    whats the dilly!
    man I used to love that word...havnt used it forever
    bout to start usin it again! lol thx
  8. hey i never seen this before... well i'm a juggalo, i'm down with the clown and not much else. I been a juggalo sinse the first time i heard icps shit. Right now i'm listening to Violent J's cd Wizard Of The Hood. Well the first dude that was talking isn't a juggalo, he even said it himself. But you did kinda make juggalos sound shady. Theres juggalos everywhere, icp is a huge thing, but its mostly underground and juggalos don't go running around sayin "Yo i'm a juggalo bitch".... well ok some do. Its not new at all damnit, icp started in the late 80s. get your history straight. Theres a book out at FYE called behind the paint, i haven't got it yet but i hear it explains everything. All real juggalos have much clown love that will never die, they will always be there to help other juggalos as much as they can. If you go to a icp concert, and are too broke to afford some bud or food you will be helped out. The juggalo family will always be alive.
  9. dude a juggalo walks around winking at freaks....with a two litter stuck in his butt cheaks. I don't want to be a juggalo If I got to do tha. let alone have rope tide to my dick, then jump out a to story window
  10. jiggawho?

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