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  1. A blaze-up is necessary before watching..you've been ADVISED..

    Fuckin rainbows...!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-agl0pOQfs]YouTube - Insane Clown Posse - Miracles[/ame]
  2. enough miracles in here to blow yer brains!

    worst lyrics ever....I fed a cell phone to a pelican in frisco bay, he ran away...wtf??? hahaha

    the snl parody is good too, will post it if I can find it

    the comments under the video on youtube are hilarious...jugglos and 'haters' having meltdowns...Juggalos keep posting that people dont get what their 'message' is...thats not the problem, thats pretty plain, its the METHOD of delivery thats the problem. It sounds like a fucking 4 yr old made it up. Its beyond ridiculous. lol

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