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Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. In order to get out of a 6 page paper for my jujitsu class, I competed in a judo tournament. I ended up getting second place in my bracket which I didn't expect at all, but look at this crap. I got judo feet now. It hurt the other day, but it's just annoying to look at now.

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  2. ow dude lol, that looks like it hurts, just how did it happen? what did you do at your tournament?
  3. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, I just noticed that after each match the tops of my feet were tore up more. It might just be habits from wrestling where we were taught to drag the tops of our feet in certain situations b/c we wear shoes during that.
  4. mmmmmmmm skoal....
  5. skoal helped me quit smoking cigarettes, lol. Now, I just have to wean myself off skoal.
  6. lo there wang of inferiority. :D you got some big ass ankles. lol
  7. lol that's just the picture. I have some damn skinny legs.

  8. Where was that mentioned? I like Cope better....

    EDIT: I just noticed it in the pic. Is that cherry or original? Hard to tell since the metal lids.
  9. gonna have to say its skoal straight, I like skoal mint or cope black myself
  10. Yeah, straight, thats what I meant. Derr...
  11. That's cherry skoal. It's what I dip most of the time. My roomie gets cope black so I dip that sometimes, too.

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