Judge Tells Offender 'call It Quits'

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  1. Pro-cannabis supporters clapped and cheered after a man charged with possessing cannabis walked free from court.

    William Chalk, 35, of Goring Road, Goring pleaded guilty at Worthing Magistrates' Court to possessing cannabis.

    Clare Ellis, prosecuting, said that on May 5 Chalk was seen by police officers leaving a premises on Brougham Road, East Worthing, which is believed to supply cannabis. She added officers saw what they thought to be a "reefer" cigarette in Chalk's hat. Miss Ellis said that when they approached Chalk, he became "aggressive and confrontational" and he was arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis. She added Chalk admitted possessing cannabis and the police said four grammes were found.

    Chalk, who represented himself, said: "I walked up to the policeman and asked did he want to search me. What he's written about me being aggressive and confrontational is just lies."

    He added that he had had two grammes in his possession, not four. Deputy district judge James Shrimpton told Chalk he would "call it quits" because he had spent almost four hours at Worthing police station after being arrested and had spent time in court.

    But he repremanded friends and supporters of Chalk who reacted loudly to the verdict with applause and cheers.

    He told them to stop and said: "This is not the House of Commons." William Chalk's wife, Sarah, also appeared before Worthing magistrates charged with obstructing a police officer who was trying to enforce the misuse of drugs act. She pleaded not guilty and her case was adjorned until June 20

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