Judge Napolitano's Daily Dose of Liberty.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lightfiend, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I seriously think Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch is the best political commentary show on all of TV, radio, internet. I am so happy it has gone daily! Anyone else watch this? Napolitano is the most intelligent person on Fox by far (I know it's not saying much).

  2. Agreed. He seems to be the most independent thinking.
  3. I enjoy watching his show. I like the message he sends and I really appreciate him giving Austrian economist, such as Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods, a platform to reach many more people. I hope that it being shown on TV will expose many others to the message of liberty and sound economic theory.
  4. There is a reason it is internet only, cant let the masses posses the spirit of liberty, haha
  5. I love his show. He's the only shred of credibility Fox broadcasts (even if it's only over the internet).

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