Judge allows american to sue Rumsfeld.

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  1. :hello: hooray...watch the news for a "coincidental" disappearance.
  2. One person down, just four entire administrations to go: G H.W. Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama.
  3. Fuck suing them. I say we tar and feather the bastards, then water board them just because its not torture. Then let all the people of Iraq rape each and every one of them(with no lube might I add) Then off to Gitmo or some place just as pleasant for the rest of their lives.
  4. poor man. serves his country and this is how they serve him

  5. but he didn't serve the country in any reasonable understanding of the word...its not blackwater, enron, or haliburton suing him.
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    oh I didn't realize he didn't serve in the official army. I didn't read the whole article my bad

  7. yeah but that was more of a dis-service really.
  8. Lol If this guy actually wins this im sure you'll hear about him, his attorney and the judge dying in some mysterious fire, or his car just somehow went off a cliff. I seriously doubt this is going to go anywhere here. As much as I believe what he's saying probably is true, we're talking about Donald Rumsfeld here. No administration is going to let a former secretary of defense be outed like this. If they did everyone ever involved with the war in iraq would come under scrutiny and with the country as fucked up as it is right now thats a problem the federal government really doesn't need.

    Remember when the wiki-leaks guy outed the CIA black sites that existed on foreign soil? It was a huge ordeal when we were waterboarding enemy combatants and foreign citizens. If people get wind that we're doing it to our own people shit will get ugly, real fast.
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    just a note on waterboarding:
    I've had it done to me. Twice.
    i was more scared the second time--because I knew more about the process than the guys doing the procedure.
    It is standard procedure for personnel in some jobs to get training to be acquainted with what can happen to them in certain situations.
    All we had standing by was a corpsman. Those guys had full MDs with a medical suite.

    we did it to 4 people. That's it, just 4 people. not teh multitudes the media has hyped you to believe. and the information saved a LOT of lives, civilian and military alike. That's all I can say on that matter. historically I don't speak often, but I do speak the truth when I do.
  10. I have a hard time believing anyone that would torture others is telling the truth , ever...:mad:
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    Guess you missed the point, blade.
    I have BEEN waterboarded.
    I have not done it to others.

    it's part of standard training. And yeah, it sucks.
    But I honestly think it would suck worse to have to listen to Michelle Bachman for five hours.
  12. I hope this walking devil swings from the gallows someday.

  13. gallows are too good for him. find a lamppost

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