Judd Gregg withdraws name from nomination

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  1. Senator Judd Gregg, Republican from New Hampshire, withdrew his name today from nomination for Commerce Secretary.

    He said he withdrew his name because of conflicts over the stimulas package and the census.


    How bad do you think this hurts the Obama administration?
  2. Believe it or not I think this does more damaged to the tone deaf Republican obstructionists than it does to President Obama. The MSM has been hungrily covering Obama's seeming missteps ad nauseam, constantly probing and psychoanalyzing but his approval numbers are at complete odds with their reporting. Not surprisingly they choose not to see reality as Republicans refuse to see it. The American people are not concerned with the various nuances of political brinksmanship or who scored what political points. All they seem to care about these days is the economy and whether someone's doing something about it. Congresses approval ratings remain somewhere around Ebola and herpes. Just from a perception stand point, who are people going to trust in that equation, the soundly beaten lepers in Congress or a president that's getting out and trying to connect with the American people? I have two words for you to clearly illustrate this point, Henrietta Hughes.

    President Obama is facing some of the toughest headwinds that any president has ever faced coming into office. This just isn't the environment for political games and I suspect that the coming days will reveal that and to no one more clearly than Senator Gregg.

    Obama's been president for about three weeks, let's see how he adjusts as time goes on. It's been a rough start but I suspect it couldn't have been any other way given the gravity of the times that we live in.
  3. That's bullshit, Obama hasn't made a good cabinet pick yet. Just about every Democrat he has picked was tainted by some controversy. Greg bailed because he was miss led by Either Obama or Rahm "Rove part 2" Emanuel.
  4. Wow what a rather inaccurate and simplistic way of looking at the situation. I'll say one thing for it, it leaves life remarkably free of the entanglements of depth. Good call budda, fair and balanced as always. :D
  5. Simplistic yes, but exactly where are these inaccuracies?
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    Lets see, you say President Obama hasn't made a good pick yet and that's simply ridiculous. He's picked some of the most learned people in their respective fields for his cabinet. So far his picks have been widely praised. The president has a cabinet of 15, 16 when you accurately include the vice-president. Some of his picks have been controversial based on some tax unpleasantness but not many would have argued with their mental competence to do the jobs they were being appointed for. Not every pick was tainted with controversy, in fact it was four individuals and two of which were going for the same post.

    Senator Gregg bailed because of politics plain and simple. He's a big boy; no one was trying to mislead anyone. If anything this last minute pull out makes Gregg look somewhat incompetent and untrustworthy. Like I said the Republicans don't understand how they are being perceived in the light of all of this high drama. But if my suspicion is right 2010 is going to be another bad year for the Republicans, who as a party, are drifting further and further away from what America truly represents.
  7. pot kettle black guys, you guys are coming from opposite extremes on this one, let it rest.

    I don't get the audacity of the both of you, one is covering the bike with shit and the other gold plating it.

    1. Obama has been in 3 weeks, but he has done more than most presidents have done in there entire presidency, and that may not be the best for America. This stimulus could go either way, and if the markets are a good sign to show us how they feel about it, the stimulus was a bad idea.

    2. The republicans are fine, AK you need to stop eating your own shit sandwiches, there are plenty countem' plenty of republican voters. If anything this is the republicans shining hour, they are sticking to there guns, and if the economy tanks, everyone will be behind them. At this rate, with europe pulling investments out of US in masses, asian markets going through the floor and signs in the market in America, the economy will tank.

    3. Most of Obama's cabinet are not terrible, I really like secretary of agriculture. Rahm Emmanaul and Hillary are where most people, even the non-overtly conservative cringe, both represent asshole side of politics that Cheney and yes Rove were apart of.
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    Gregg did not withdraw to try and make O'bama look bad, he withdrew because Rham Emmanual is going to be in charge of the census. The census is about much more than counting all the people in the U.S. It is used to draw new congressional district boundaries. Ol' Rahm believes in "estimating" census numbers by sampling, which if done "correctly" in the inner-city areas will leave the dems in almost complete control. Up till now it has always been done with an actual physical count. Emmanual is crookeder than shit.

    Nothing like Chicago style politics in the white house.

    IGOTJOINTS4YA, I don't see where your coming from with this portion of your statement:
    1. Obama has been in 3 weeks, but he has done more than most presidents have done in there entire presidency...

    As far as I know, he hasn't done anything yet except give speeches. IMHO he completely dodged the ball on the stimulus bill, and STILL doesn't have his cabinet in place after 3 weeks. People were expecting him to author the bill, and congress and the senate to tweak it. Instead, Polosi wrote it and instead of a stimulus, we have her wish list for pet spending projects she hasn't been able to get passed for the last 30 years. I really wish O'bama would have had the stones to have written the bill in the first place.

    To me it seems like par for the course with his political career: Do not take a firm stance on anything that can come back to bite you in the ass. He's probably just now realizing he can't vote "present" as the president. I do truly hope he has a successful presidency, all our asses are at stake, but I am not very confident in him at all.
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    That stimulus bill is the bill Obama wanted, as for Pelosi writing it, they had to give her something to do, the crayons weren't enough to keep her satisfied tell nap time.

    The kick backs going to ACORN in the bill is a shining example of where the president hands on the bill, or atleast the democratic party. They haven't forgotten at who helped them get there, and even in times of economic crisis, everyone gets there cut.
  10. From where I'm sitting you're the only one with an apron on, and no the Republicans are not fine and I challenge you to find a credible source that agrees with you. You and budda are alot closer on issues than you think because it seems like that both of you can't really distinguish reality sometimes. The economy has already tanked it's just a matter of how much more it will tank. And the failed policies of the Republicans are largely to blame. Do you think the American people are going to forget so quickly the party that's brought us to this precipice? President Obama inherited this mess he didn't create it, so if the stimulus fails he'll try something else. He's already openly stated he's willing to listen to anyone's ideas. Unfortunately for the American people the MSM has spent little time interviewing economists they've instead chosen to take their time listening to an almost do noting Congress that's filled with ideological partisans.
  11. OK, reality check time. Any Idea why were in this mess in the first place? Yep, housing. Why? Because banks loaned money to people with shitty credit, that never should have gotten a loan in the first place. Why did they loan that money? Federal mandates. It wasn't fair that poor people and minorities with shitty credit credit could get loans, so in stepped fannie may and freddy mac. Who took the second most money out of all the politicians in the history of the US from freddie mack and fannie may, even though he did not even complete two terms as a congressman? O'bama.

    This shit sandwich that were all eating is a direct result of federal mandates to make things "fair" and requiring lenders to loan money to people that never should have gotten a loan. I wasn't not enough regulation, it was too much regulation.
  12. At its core it's called a lack of "oversight," a more hands off approach as it were, and this philosophy is indicative of one party and one alone.
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    Honestly I'm amazed by what can come from IGOTJOINTS4YA's fingers sometimes...

    The best you've got, right?

    And Cheney and Rove were apart from nothing. They were complicit in everything.
  14. Look it is the past 15-20 years of failed policies on both sides that got us here, stop trying to play it like I'm against you. You said Obama is listening to anyone right, how about the 250 some odd signatures by American Economists who told Obama this surplus is economic suicide that took out a full page ad in the New York Times. Look saying he is willing to listen to anyones ideas is a talking point that is hammered on the news tell you actually believe it. Look I am a republican, I didn't like the way the republican party has been going in rescent years, but from what I have heard from them on this stimulus bill, they are doing every thing that they know is right.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEfICUoWKBw"]YouTube - Schumer: The American People Don't Care About Pork Projects In Stimulus[/ame]

    This man has it right, most people aren't even educated enough to watch the news or even read news papers, how are they supposed to know about the issues. We are the chattering class as he likes to put it, our opinions amont to shit in the grand scope of things. This was on the pork in the stimulus bill btw, even in economic crisis, like I said before, everyone gets there cut.

    Congress is only as good as the people allow them to be. When the US economy fails, not if, when...the American people will clean house. Hopefully through our strife we pick better alternatives.
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    I'm not trying to do anything the fact remains we don't agree, we haven't in the past and I think it's highly unlikely we ever will but I'm okay with that.

    [ame="http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4JPSPOp48o"]Obama Says He Will Accept Ideas From Krugman[/ame]​

    The president has alot of good people around him giving him advice and obviously he can't listen to everyone in the world but he's doing what the American people elected him to do. And the party making the most noise are the ones that have been terrible stewards of the economy. The Republicans had both houses of Congress and the presidency and look what happened, it was a fucking disaster.
  16. There is a common fallacy in that kind of thinking, that just because we disagree it is ok to discredit what the other says, furthermore this burden on the American people started long ago. Republicans will blame fanny may and freddy mac for causing the mortgage debacle. Fanny may and Freddy mac did not cause the mortgage debacle, the sudden rise in cost of homes did, the whole housing market was at fault. Both sides instead of fixing the problem said (on republican side) let the market handle it everything will be ok, and (on democrat side) said no we need to not try to offset the mortgage problem by giving banks the ability to give bad loans to people who could not pay them back.

    Both rules of thought were equally wrong and equally moronic. The problem with congress is there is no accountability, on either republican or democratic side. The people who are supposed to hold them to there words don't even watch tv or read newspapers for that matter. The whole system is a fucking disaster.

    As for good people being around Obama, that is all conjecture, I could tell you people surrounding Bush when he won were good people from the top of there spected areas or expertise, but does that make it true? Of course not.

    As for Republicans being terrible stewards of Economy, I ask you what political man or woman in power has being a great steward of the Economy. That is BS, most politicians cower when they have to make important decisions of finance, especially with the 700 billion dollar bailout. Most of them were coax by there higher ups there would be martial law if they did not support it, which is one of the stupendous things I have ever heard. Martial law was not in effect on black Tuesday, it would not be in effect now. Those idiots on the hill believed it though, and you saw money from the FED flood the banks, which most banks admitted they could of done without.
    Look Budda brought up a point that is not a stretch of the imaginations, and I agreed with it, get over it.
  17. Someone has to take responsibility for how things are. You can only pass the buck so many times before it starts to look absurd and obvious that you don't want to accept responsibility. The Republicans had the last turn at the watch so whether these issues were ultimately caused by past Clinton administration policies is irrelevant because the meltdown occurred while they were screaming for less regulation on the markets and for more tax cuts. They didn't even have enough insight to realize what was going on or where it might begin. It wouldn't matter if Democrats warned them that the economic meltdown was coming because they obviously wouldn't listen. Heh, so much for bipartisanship.

    Conjecture? What sort of world are you living in, seriously? He surrounded himself with the people that he thought could offer him the best advice given the circumstances of the country at the moment. Their credentials are pretty darn good, and as to good people surrounding President Bush, in retrospect we know that wasn't true. While President Obama has just taken office, we haven't had an opportunity to truly see how his administration will deal with America's problems over the long haul. The Bush administration showed itself to be adept at being inept, that's a proven fact because his presidency is already in the can.

    Again I must say that someone has to take credit for how things have turned out and someone has to take responsibility if things are going to be turned around. Those politicians sitting in Congress can cower if they wish but to do so while Rome is burning is even more unconscionable. The American people made a very potent statement on Nov 4. The people that haven't got that memo yet are the Republicans. Just like they didn't get the handout that the demographics of America are changing and that soon enough they won't even be around anymore.

    There's nothing to get over in my mind because when you're wrong you're wrong. It certainly isn't going to affect my life, if it does yours, I feel more sorry for you than I already do.
  18. Look I am not siding with the republicans, I have already stated why I think they fucked things up, but your inept ability to squeeze out of accountability for what caused our heart our problems in the first place. If you look at Americas top 20 companies, they have showed almost a 0% net growth in the past 10-15 years. Before Bush every thought about running things were going wrong, so save me the finger pointing routine.

    America has been going down the tubes for a long time now, I'm sick of this partisan bickering on both sides, both sides are asinine when it comes to what problems are really facing America.

    As for me agreeing with the comparison of Rahm Emmanuel and Karl Rove, Rahm wants to reinstate the draft, which just like stupid. You don't get people to become patriotic by forcing nationalism down there throats I thought we learded that in Vietnam. Don't even try to justify a draft, I don't have the patience to debate that one.


    On November 4th America made a decision that either way there fate was sealed before that day, regardless of it going republican or democrats we were fucked either way. All this senseless bickering over my guy your guy is useless, they all are inept at solving our problems. They have showed that time and time agian.
  19. Yeah, sure, okay... I'm just going let you keep on talking to yourself. :wave:
  20. truth hurts I know, I came to that realization too.

    first step is denial.

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