Judas Priest / Heaven and Hell

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  1. anyone seen this tour? we are going on saturday. cant wait. should be a good one.
  2. i haven't seen the tour, but i bet it is good as hell. Judas Priest is a kickass band :cool:

    Electric Eye would have to be my favorite song they play
  3. Im going to the San Bernadino show...cant frea:metal:kn wait
  4. awesome, enjoy. i will let you know how it is after tomorrow :metal:
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    saw Heaven and Hell, last year. phenomenal.
    but i hate new judas priest, after british steel they SUCKed imo.
    and i doubt they play old songs so i dont plan on going.

    enjoy it whoever is going.:D.
  6. i hope they play alot of their old stuff
  7. i edited because hell bent and britsh steel were good too.

    but theyve had 9 albums since then so i doubt theyll be playing their old stuff.
  8. wel the concert was awesome. they played old stuff so i was happy. it was a pretty even mix of bliss. lets see what i can remember, i was pretty buzzed. lol. they opened with nostradomos, and in no order desert plains, hell bent for leather, green manalishi, breaking the law, you got another thing coming...my mind went blank after that lol.
    it was a good show all in all. heaven and hell sounded bad ass. motorhead sounded a bit muffled but other than that they put on a decent show. didnt see testament.

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