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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jonasblue, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Sup,

    I am growing 3 plants of high grade cali chronic with 2 40W cool light flours. I am using a DiamondBack worklight ballast. i am currently running the lights 24/7 to get the roots growing. I just want to know how close to have the lights without burning them. I have a ton of pics to show what it looks like. I have white plastic and white paint to help keep the light in. 2 of the 3 plants sprouted and I have had the light on since Tuesday. I have a great airflow in my setup because I have a ceiling fan and it keeps the air going in and out of the setup area. I water them once a week and mist them daily to keep the top of the soil moist and the atmosphere like a swamp.





    SPROUT 1

    SPROUT 2

    Anyone got any tips?
  2. if u r usinf 40 fluro light, it should be about 2in-3 inches above the pot== just make u it is not too hot.

    I don\'t think 2 40 watt fluro light is enough==

    u need like 8cfl light to get the good growth

  3. what type of light is 8cfl? do they make them for these type of ballasts?
  4. To me it doesnt look like you have any spare ballasts. Some cfl\'s require a ballast, some dont. I like ballast-fired cfl\'s more because they\'re longer and better for my closet grow area. Dont use cfl\'s anymore cuz i got a hps. Get more cfl\'s than just the two you have.

    And water more.

    less swampish humidity
  5. How many lights should i get man?
  6. mine used to just about touch bro but i had 6 40 watts and i still got airy buds. i upgraded to a hps and would never go back i am so glad i got one! but they do work i have had 2 successful grows with flouros. just airy.
  7. [​IMG]

    CLick on the lick--the pict is on the bottom

    What do u think guys? is it too small? it is under 30watt long flurcent light=i place the light above 2inches from the plant.

    And yes i know there should only be one plant for each pot
  8. its ok some take longer than others and sometiems its because we stress it ourselves. my ruule of thumb is as long as it ain\'t dead its good enough!
  9. Actually, all CFLs need a ballast, it\'s just that some have it built in to the bulb assembly. Any that are true wattage of 42w or less should have it built in because these are made as replacements for household bulbs in household fixtures. You can tell because they have a big white thing in between the tubes and the part that screws into the socket -- that\'s the ballast. Bigger CFLs, such as 65w true and higher, are for specialized use and specialized fixtures, and these don\'t have a ballast built into the bulb assembly itself.
  10. so with that 85 watter on 1000bulbs site have a built in ballast? and if not, which ballast should i get? i was thinking bout one of those earlier...
  11. Get a FLUOREX lamp. They put out an assload of light.
  12. Just how much light is an assload, anyway? =)
  13. 8,905 lumens (actually, I guess that makes it a metric assload) :D
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