Juaquim Pheonix high On Letterman

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  1. LoL

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1xK6xz8d9Q"]YouTube - Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman 2-11-09[/ame] :smoking:
  2. I saw this on Digg... I just feel sorry for Dave.
  3. What the hell happened to him? I remember hearing a little while ago how he showed up at some night club dressed like a hobo and announced that he was a rapper, then got kicked out like three times because he kept trying to "rap," as I'm sure he liked to call it.
  4. he is so fuckin high, like he doesnt even know, either he has no tolerance or he smoked a hell of a lot or he was trippin on some shrooms or somethin
  5. aww.. i feel bad for the dude.
    sucks i missed that. i was even watching the show, but then i switched right before he came on.
  6. You guys know it's all an act for a fake documentary
  7. no... what documentary?
  8. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdai...n-phoenixs-rap-career-just-a-borat-like-hoax/

    Joaquin Phoenix's Rap Career Just A Borat-Like Hoax

    When news and video first surfaced of actor Joaquin Phoenix’s attempts to conquer hip-hop, we said, “If this is all a joke, this is maybe the best joke ever perpetrated by an actor.” Then after video of Phoenix’s club debut hit the Internet, including footage of a drunken Joaquin falling from the stage, we wrote “We’re assuming that this has to be a big joke.” Turns out we might be right. A source close to Phoenix told Entertainment Weekly that Joaquin admitted, “It’s a put-on. I’m going to pretend to have a meltdown and change careers, and Casey is going to film it.”

    Of course, news that it’s all a hoax might be a desperate public relations attempt to make it seem like Phoenix is not bat-shit crazy or completely drugged-out of his mind, so the mystery deepens. But we still think it’s a hoax. “It’s an art project for him,” added the source. “He’s going full out. He probably has told his reps that he’s quit acting. Joaquin is very smart. This is very conscious. He has a huge degree of control.”

    Phoenix’s path to rap stardom is being filmed by actor and brother-in-law Casey Affleck, who is directing a documentary on Phoenix’s plunge into hip-hop. Affleck’s involvement, to us at least, was kind of a clue that this whole thing might be a Borat, as we don’t think a person would just sit back and film while their bro-in-law and good friend spiraled down into an abyss of drugs and poorly executed rhymes. More likely, Phoenix is immersing himself into a role of his own creation, playing a guy who used to be an actor but now is pretending to be a rapper despite looking like L.A. Woman-era Jim Morrison. Plus, it’s funny. Really, the only true victim if this whole thing is a hoax is Diddy, as the Bad Boy CEO was reportedly supposed to produce Phoenix’s album — unless he too is in on the joke.
  9. they were talking about this on howard stern today, a 'source' says that it is an act, kind of like what andy kaufmann did.
  10. Whatever it is, real or not, that was hilarious. He's a genius.
  11. simply
  12. ohhh. well if it's fake, then that is just funny then.
    haha. i was feeling bad for him... but, guess not. :)

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