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    Hey guys,

    I've been looking around the internet and I really want to buy a Toro tube, but I haven't been able to find any in Connecticut. I know they sell Toro's in Providence RI, but does anyone know where I could find one closer to CT?

    Also, I'm looking for some nice slides. All I have is a roor stock bowl, a custom roor bowl, and a no name. I'm looking for some slides by artists such as Eric Opas, Freeek, AK, or anything else you think I might like ;)

  2. i just got a toro today in prov =P
  3. Looking like that might be my only option, which is fine, I was just trying to save my driver two hours. What shop in Providence did you visit?
  4. i went to OPM
  5. depending where you are in CT, your best bet might to take a trip into NYC (or possibly somewhere else in NY)
  6. sorry, but what does OPM stand for?

    I thought about doing that and staying with my boy at Wagner College in NYC, but Providence is like an hour or two closer.

    Thanks for the ideas guys!
  7. Welcome to the hunt.

    I live in Michigan, and there's no Toros here as well. :(

    And I'm not driving to fucking Columbus any time soon.. :rolleyes:

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