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  1. So I have switched to organic thanks to the help of Pakalolo, CC and Jerry and all the informative posts I've read through in the in the organics lounge and easy organic soil forum.. Transferred my first clone into a 5 gallon pot and will be transferring a few other clones and seedlings in a week or two. I'll update this post with pics when I get home and take some pics.

    Check out my first grow journal any advice is appreciated💨🌲
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  2. Interesting to see how the 5 gal buckets work , it seems most of the organic gurus like the soft pots and sips ( my current choice).
    Ive found the organic route makes for an easy  grow, should be interesting with all the strains youve chosen..
  3. I've tried the smart pots and personally I don't like them as I have to move my pots a lot and the make a very big mess when watering and also my grow space is quite limited so 5 gallon buckets give me the space for roots but don't take a big footprint

    Check out my first grow journal any advice is appreciated💨🌲
  4. I have lots of 5 gal buckets that I have grown Veggies outdoor, they work great with tomatoes so they should work ok for MJ,
    Are all your seeded  plants Femmed ? 
    That many different strains you will need to do some training to keep them close to the same height , 
    I also grow in limited space with access thru a 24 in doorway  42 x 42 x 72in The 7 gal smart pots I have them set up as a SIP sitting on a bed of perlite and grow stones so I only have to feed  teas and EWC slurrys , no need to water till run off so no mess .
    Any larger and they will be impossible to move so I am going no till next,  my plan is  to set up a turntable when I go up to 15 gal, so I can easily move  the pots ,  4 -5 plants fill my room nicely. 
  5. Yea all planted seeds are feminized seeds ordered from an online bank..

    Check out my first grow journal any advice is appreciated💨🌲
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  6. Happy thanksgiving!

    hope your day is blessed and safe
    ~ poke
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  7. looking good...the lst is looking on point. Can't wait to see her buds.
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  8. Thanks man she's my first attempt at LST she's looking great so far still in veg not quite ready to flip yet got some more height I can put on her first probably in another 2-3 weeks she'll be ready to flip

    Check out my first grow journal any advice is appreciated💨🌲
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    great choice on the chocolope kush, here's hoping you get a pheno like i had in 2013.  it was the best outdoor the dispensary in tulare saw all that year, greenhouse and ran close with most of the top shelf, too - the high is terrific, happy, easygoing but you can get stuff done, a little too much and its munchy sleepy time.  be sure to top, top, top, and pinch the shit out of it when it starts to flower - otherwise it will take over the whole grow room.  seriously - outdoor it turned into a many tentacled octopus that was 14 ft tall and as much wide - branches all over the place with huge buds of solid nugs.  amazing plant, wish i would have kept a cut i would STILL be running it!
    Looking forward to watching your progress!  subbed, pulling up my chair!!
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  10. Well unfortunately I don't have that kinda space I have already topped it and I'm going to start LST'ing it and tying it down. My maximum grow height is just over 5 Ft I have my rooms built at 6'4 inches so even with the lights all the way up I can Max out at like 5'4 inches so we'll see how it turns out! Glad to have yu subbed in! Any advice is appreciated I am a new grower this organic run is my first time with organics and only my second run in general!

    Check out my first grow journal any advice is appreciated💨🌲
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  11. well, i guess the biggest thing on that chocolope is pinching early during the last stages of veg and first few weeks of flower to keep the stretch to a minimum.  that thing will stack nodes like a mad dog - maybe i will find some of my old grow pics and show you what mine turned out like so you know what to look out for.  Man that smoke is good, you are really going to like it - take cuts and try and do a sog with 1 gal or 3 gal grow bags, root clones for 2 or 3 weeks then flip - you get super good yields that way and can pack a lot of plants under a 1k.  something to think about in the future, if you can keep a mom or two around.  otherwise just keep everything simple and you will be fine!  (and try and make sure your plants dry out between waterings.  you will definitely lose yield if you overwater, and quality suffers too).
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    told you i would look up some of my chocolope pics, here you go - this is from my "chicken coop" grow from 2013, nothing but compost, composted chicken poop, bone meal, some kelp meal teas (a few foliar feedings, i am a big fan of foliar feeding) and molasses.
    there ya go!  like i said, better top the crap out of it!!

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  13. whats up man?
  14. Don't know how many people are still following this but after taking a short break i am now back and getting things going again about to harvest my first 3 from the current run i will post pics over the next few days.. still running the same organic soil that i mixed up with locally sourced supplies.. feels good to be back it's so relaxing being around the girls

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