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Joys of being smoked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. soo I get the "ya wanna smoke" text..and i was honest & told him i didnt have anything to match..and he was like its cool we got alot..I go over there and the bong is already out and backed, and there was a big anthill of weed already grinded down, a sac of bud on the table, and more in this container..4 bong hits each in, he puts these clear papers on the table(they were called Trip) and lets me roll up these nice clear doobs..we smoke that, now im pretty baked..and then the next thing i know there was a knock on the door and it was a pizza guy..smoked up and got free pizza, finally comin down so i just got on here to tell the tale lol.

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  2. sounds like a chill nigh:smoke:
  3. Congrats dude! that sounds hella fun!
  4. sounds awesome man i haven'tbeen to a smoke out in a while
  5. Nice man! Be sure to give thanks and return the favor sometime.
  6. That doob looks gross, what is that those cellulose papers or whatever? looks like your smoking plastic :p

    Hahaha sorry for off topic, but anyways free pizza and weed, doesn't get much better than that.
  7. I love being smoked up. My friends always pitch in so its fair. Today We all pitched in enough to have 2 fat blunts and a fat bowl in the pipe. And that was just at lunch :smoke: :)

  8. They are not plastic, made of hemp fiber I think. When ever I have smoked em they were super smooth and great for rolling.
  9. I got some see through papers, pretty boss man.
  10. Great! I love that.

    A friend with weed is a friend indeed!

    Just be sure to repay your homies and everyone is good!

  11. Aren't the clear papers normally made from rice?

  12. They look all pretty until you light it up..

  13. SUPER smooth..and ya never need to ash it which was cool..I personally use actual papers..but it was free so no complaints :smoke:

  14. lol always do.
  15. Theres just something about a free high. Coming empty handed, leaving the same way just high as fuck and happy as fuck that the person who smoked you up did so. enjoy it op, its one of the finer, and simpler things in life.

  16. hahaha! @ your location: occasionally in foreman's basement
  17. Those clear papers are made from celulose.

    Hemp papers are not clear, but are all natural.
  18. i thought clear papers were rice papers, i dont know why, i just did.
  19. you have really cool, generous friends. make sure you return the favor some day, good weed karma :)
  20. Nice night man and props on the nice Joint, plus rep. Its nice to have good friends to smoke u up when ur dry. It was always like that with me and my friend matty g, we would always smoke each other up without thinkin about it cause we always knew we would get each other back.

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