Joy Division

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by brian hobo, May 1, 2004.

  1. i love their stuff, Ian Curtis was very talented at writing. Love Will Tear Us Apart is an amazing song and i like Thursday's Ian Curtis. what other bands sound like this?
  2. Have you seen "24 hour party people". I love the movie.
  3. Dead or alive........ i think "you spin me round", is kinda like "love will tear us apart" well vocally anyway.......Peace out........Sid
  4. jd is my favorite band

  5. Great film, just saw it for the first time 2 nights ago on VH1.

    You guys probably like New Order too no? There is a DVD out of 2 shows the band did, one from the early 80's, and one from Reading Fest mid 90's.

    The first concert is AMAZING. Totally worth buying and cutting up into music tracs on your computer. Very experimental phase in the bands career. Almost performance art with OUTSTANDLY good music as the sound track.

    edit - here it is

    HIGHLY recomended!
  6. Joy Division is a great band. I've recently started getting into more post-punk music. Great stuff.

    To the OP: Get "Daydream Nation" by Sonic Youth and "Vs." by Mission of Burma.
  7. hell yes joy division :smoke:

    have you tried gang of four, XTC, midnight oil, violent femmes?
  8. I love Joy Division, cheers for making a thread about them!
  9. try the Waterboys, Echo and the Bunnymen, might like also!
  10. I really liked The Swans version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Anyone remember that?
  11. I remember hearing a really creepy detail about Ian Curtis's death, anyone know if this is true? So, he hanged himself, but a guy I knew who was a HUGE Joy Div. fanatic says he put a giant block of ice under himself, so as the block slowly melted away he would slowly be hanged to death, the speculation was he wanted to hear an Iggy Pop album play through to completion. I don't know if this implies any maschocistic shit or even if the story is true at all. Not trying to be ghoulish, just wondering if any of you all heard anything similar? Could be some spin on an urban legend. What a waste either way. I guess he was in a lot of physical pain from an illness though.

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