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  1. Well it looks like the PSN Exclusive game "Journey" finally dropped, and I'm downloading it as we speak. Has anyone heard of this or even played it? From what I've heard it's an amazing experience. Can't wait to start playing!:smoke:
  2. One of the best PSN games-scratch that. EXPERIENCES-. Definitely in my top 5.
  3. Thinking about getting this. I heard it was extremely short though, like 2 hours. Is that true?

  4. It's short, but a great experience!
  5. Yeah man just installed it. Going to rip a bong and play soon. Seems like a great game to play high.
  6. Great game.
  7. Is this game sort of like "Limbo"?
  8. ive been planning on downloading it for a while now, but never got around to it

    what exactly do you mean by "dropped"?

    you guys do know they are coming out with a special edition on a disk very soon right?
  9. ^ yeah. I bought the games individually at launch, but I may get the disc for my parents.
  10. Played through this game again after not playing it for nearly a year.

    STILL awesome.

    Anyone who hasn't already gone ahead and purchased it should get it. It has won multiple GOTY awards so that's reason enough. Only 14.99 on the PSN store.
  11. Isn't this the one you fly around a giant meadow ?

    I have a 70+ inch hd t.v and surround sound and hash oil. Still wasn't high enough to enjoy this game

    If its the one Im thinking lol
  12. get high as fuck and play this game. the visuals, journey, pretty radical.
  13. I think you are thinking of flower. It is by the same developers tho, ThatGameCompany. Journey has such an epic feel to it.

  14. holy jesus, just played this through for the first time in 3D last night.
    mind. blown.
    everything just works together so perfectly to make it such a beautiful and emotional journey that you literally go on. even if you dont have a ps3 this game alone is reason enough to get one. 10 thumb up.
  15. Best game to play when high, and one of the best soundtracks I ever heard.

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