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  1. These are journal entries that I've done in the course of the past few hours. These are some of my theories and shit like that. As a note, these are all my personal opinions and views, feel free to debate and what-not.

    The conscious mind is merely a projected image of the sub-conscious. The conscious mind itself controls very little, but instead it carries out the commands and/or agendas of the sub-conscious. To be able to unite these two powers would grant one extreme mental capacity.

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    To unite the conscious and the sub-conscious would be a huge advancement in psychology, and more importantly, human potential. To leave such a great resource untapped; discovered but not yet explored, is a waste; An over-looking point of view I believe. It rules out possibility, in this case the possibility to exponentially increase human potential. One of the major flaws of "today" is that so much is ruled out. I am a firm believer that what is not said is just as important, sometimes more important than what is said.

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    The path to this "united state," (which by no means would I say I'm actually there) I'll call it, involves much meditation, relaxed mental wandering, self exploration, and exploration of the self of others, to learn about the species of humans, as a whole that we are included in. My usage of Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Cocaine, and Alcohol must be given credit for much of this way of thinking.
    If you're ever tripping acid, see if you can't lose yourself in thought; Physically in a place where you have been before, and are well aware of your environment, but mentally, completely gone. In your conscience; Explore; I like comparing it to walking through a pitch-dark room. This is not reached via concentration on reaching it however, it is reached by specific un-concentration.
    For example, if I were to tell you to think of a color, any color at all, but as long as it isn't red. You will think of red. It's just like trying to forget something. You must remember, to make sure, that you do not think about said topic, (we'll use the color red again)
    which effectively makes you remember, to forget, therefore you will not forget, until you stop trying to remember to forget. When you have stopped remembering not to remember, only when you leave the state of living, when you decide it's okay to let go, to be along for the ride in which you have all the control in the world, if you want it of course, you reach the state of being; A state of unconscious consciousness. This is what I mean by "get lost in your thoughts."
    Now, you're fuckin Christopher Columbus, exploring uncharted places, blow off the dust. This is merely the coming-up stage. The ultimate answers cannot be given, they can only be received(quoted from somebody from GC who quoted it from somebody else, THIS IS NOT MY QUOTE). The objective of this hallucinogenic nirvana, is to recognize the true potential of our minds. Also, to recognize this unified state, the roads in which to follow to get to this place, and what can happen when you get there. To spoil the surprise, ANYTHING is possible in this place, but you probably wouldn't believe it 'till you saw it with your own two eyes. I for one, didn't believe any of it until I went there. And that's just random small bits and pieces of my first acid trip.

    EDIT - Smoke a bowl GC, do you, this is me. I'll add more to this as time goes.
  2. that is way cool. i'm into psychology and writing so i started doing journal entries after this one shitty night of lucid dreaming.

    i had taken 3 or 4 aspirin (bad headache) and then got stoned right before going to bed. it was the worst idea ever because it felt like i was in REM sleep as soon as my eyes closed. i started having lucid dreams and it felt like 500 dreams all playing at once in my head. and everytime i'd concentrate on one i would jump into it. the dreams were all playing at a rapid speed so it felt like my head was about to spin off with the buzzing.

    that reminded me of the one dream theory called the activation synthesis theory. it theorizes that dreams are caused by your brain trying to make sense of random firings of neurons.
    i think that maybe these random bursts of neurons force your brain to speed up its recollection of events (a.k.a reality distorted into dreams).

    dreaming is such an incredibly hard field of science. it's sad that not much is known about it
  3. Maybe dreams are information your brain picked up and is in the process of erasing. Have you woke from a dream and watched it slip fom your memory?

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