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Joseph's song

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChIlLuM BlAzEr, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. This is a guy named Joseph. He the coolest guy i know. In my city and the cities that border everyone knows him as the greatest hippy of all time. I'll bet nobody can keep up with him.
    But anyway, Joseph wrote this great song. so here are the lyrics:

    VERSE 1

    Up in smoke
    That's were my money goes

    In too my loungs, sometimes up in my nose.

    When troubletime comes along to bother me,

    I'll take at tough and all my cares go up in smoke.

    VERSE 2

    Up in smoke
    Almost every day

    And when i'm high nothing bothers me.

    I'm not broke, i don,t choke, i just smoke,

    I'll take a tough and all my cares go up in smoke.

  2. ummmm.......joseph=tommy chong?
  3. haha yeah dude. Joseph swindled you. That song plays in the movie Up In Smoke. A classic! You need to see it obviously.
  4. when life begins to be one long and dangerous road, i take a toke,TOKE T-O-K-E.....TOKE!!!....not tough...*resumes song*,and all my cares, go up in smoke!

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