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Discussion in 'General' started by psykadelic_mess, May 1, 2006.

  1. I just got a joint roller...I have no weed...but i had to buy tobacco (shop made me). I rolled a cigarrette...and i gotta say...this is the biggest tobacco buzz i have ever had...haha...I CANT WAIT TO ROLL A JOINT!!! Man im excited...haha just MAD excited...haha. Well now i dont feel so great so im gonna sit and chill...i could only smoke like a quarter of the damn
  2. tobacco buzzes are fun, unless you over do it and end up puking(happens to me sometimes)

    get your ass on a weed mission asap and get to rolling some J's man

    btw, you arent allowed to have banned for your title. users did it once before and were told to switch it back to normal because it can cause confusion among stoners and we are already confused enough as it is :smoke:
  3. yeah i almost got sick...and i plan on attaining some I didnt know I couldnt have banned as my change that asap...thanks for letting me know ;)
  4. i have a zig-zag roller and it works awsome. i can drive and blaze and people think its a cig. plus when im with my friends they always think they are the coolest joints.
  5. lol you sound like a mad scientist lol

    roll it up!
  6. Rolling machines are for pussies... just kidding! I realize that some people will never be able to roll a decent joint... my partner for one! He even has trouble using a rolling machine. So we pretty much stick to bowls around here.

    The thing I wanted to say, though... and I learned this with a rolling machine... is that if you pay attention and understand the concept of how a rolling machine works to make that perfect joint, you can apply the same concept by using a dollar bill to roll a joint. That way, not only will you never have to buy a rolling machine again (trust me, it's gonna end up ripped, broken or lost someday), but you can amaze friends and family with the novelty of rolling your own using a dollar bill! And I'm all for amazing friends and family with unique skills like that. Like, my brother can roll a joint with one hand... no machine, just the paper, the weed and one hand... oh, and the tongue to lick the paper! :D :cool:
  7. how much are rolling machines, and are they worth it?
  8. i have never even used 1 but my mom had one when I was growing up. I found it under the couch, she prolly threw it under there when I was coming in hte house and she forgot it was there. Like I said though never used 1, Now that I think of it I have never smoked a joint rolled by one. i guess I have to go to the shopp and pick 1 up. JOE>

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