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  1. Hey for those that don't know he has an ongoing project that I think everybody should join in.

    Go to myspace and search for jonny appleseed, add him as a friend and spread the word...:smoke:
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    that's odd as fuck since my grow is called that, but its Johnnny Weedseed

    if you do not want to go to myspace:
    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhh snap.... check this shizz will change things..... heres the plan...its gonna work..and i know its alot to read but just read it...its worth the least its entertaining..... ******* ever wonder what if...just maybe if...............imagine if something as simple as a weed that grew in your back yard was illegal... just say.......ummm.......... dandelions were illegal.. everybody knows what a dandelion is..its the little yellow flower that grows in everybody's yard, when it goes to seed it makes a little puff ball of seeds that that float away in the wind... ok now if this weed was illegal for everybody every where wouldn't people be freaking out and picking every one they saw till they were obliterated in their wild natural state..... then u've got the dandelion enthusiast that know that there is nothing wrong with the flower and wouldn't kill you so they decided to grow them in their house.. well...a little bit later down the road their friends want a dandelion too cuz its sooo pretty and yellow. so they get some seeds and start growing dandelions at their house and out in their yard.. well bob next door sees the dandelions and he misses them too so he asks sam for some seeds off of his dandelions.. (you can start to see where im goin with this) now you've got 3 houses with the illegal dandelion growing everywhere and then they allllll go to seed... thousands and thousands of seeds ride out on the wind and land in other peoples yards... then before u know it everybody has illegal dandelions growin in their yards..even the people that made it illegal have them in their nobody can stop it, the seeds spread so fast, the plant reproduces at a phenomenal rate and it grows almost anywhere...even in shade in the middle of the woods...if a seed gets out there.. well judge dick head that made dandelions illegal is gettin all these complaints from people freaking out over the dandelion explosion and they dont know what to do cuz everybody and their momma now has them growing all over their property and they can't stop it..they pull the dandelions up..but some how some way...a seed makes it back and another flower is produced. welll...Judge Jerk Face would have no choice but to legalize it in order to address the problem cuz he knows that dandelions wont hurt u or kill u but he just freakin hates the color yellow..and his kids were runnin round everywhere rubbin the yellow dandelion juice all over Judge Jerk Face's arms and pissin him off with yellow happiness... but that doesn't matter now cuz everybody has got em and nobody can keep all of it from growing cuz it would take yeeeeaaaarrrssss to eradicate every single plant and seed that was germinated for growth for the next year...heck some will even lay dormant for a few winters and spring up later when conditions are right... well Judge Jerk Face realizes this and HAS to legalize it cuz he can't stop it..the flower just keeps showin up and everbody has it and is runnin round rubbin yellow happiness on everything in site and spreading seeds everywhere in the process........ bird feeders feed birds seeds...birds eat seeds that germinate inside the bird and then get wrapped in a fresh coating of fertilizer (bird poo) and air dropped miles away from where they first ate the seed....... people walk everywhere, drive on all kinds of roads... go to all kinds of stores with gardens and grass around em...parks.. camping....mix in a big bird feeder mix so that the birds eat it..seeds germinate inside of birds....birds fly away from bird feeders on THE winD (just like the dandelion) case the seeds of those Sun FLOWERS in a fertilizer shell of natural goodness(bird poo)...and grows.... if its everywhere..that is if everybody just starts throwin their "SUN FLOWER" seeds out in the dirt and out of their windows or in the woods instead of the trash and restarting the natural population of "SUN FLOWERS" back like it used to be..start planting your seeds..cuz once they start to grow they will spread like wild fire.... how can they not legalize it.... how can anybody not have it, if everybody's got it. Replenish and refresh the earth....PROJECT JONNY APPLESEED....(spread the word...spread the seed)

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