Jon Stewart on media, globalization, Trump

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VikingToker, May 10, 2016.

  1. Interesting stuff, especially his comments on globalization, I think he hit the nail on the head with that one. Lot of people are fed up with picking up the pieces from fuckup countries in other parts of the world.

    Sharp man, Mr. Stewart.

    edit: inb4 ppl think I agree with everything in the video because I posted it
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  2. ::crickets::
  3. wtf edit delete screwy site
  4. That wasn't very nice of you. :( Was there a point to that, other than to bring attention to this thread having no replies?

    Color me surprised, I thought Jon Stewart was a respected figure. I certainly think he's a smart guy.
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  5. That was the exact point of my post. An actual topic that is worth discussion and it's avoided like the plague. Just goes to show that people will only listen to what they want to hear rather than truth.

    I'm disappointed you didn't realize this. Your posts as of late have been a bit off and I'm getting some mixed signals. Have a nice day.
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  6. Well, would you like to engage on the topic then, since it is, as you say, worth discussion? Instead of avoiding it like the plague yourself?

    My posts of late have been a bit 'off'? Getting mixed signals? Is this related to the thread at all? Expand and discuss!
  7. Yep. That's exactly why I bumped it to the top. To avoid it like the plague. You got me dead to rights. My evil machinations have been uncovered. Woe is me...

    Nice talkin' to ya Viking. Here's your hat, what's your hurry? :/
  8. I'm reading a bit of spite and sarcasm in your words, is that off? What's going on, man :(

    And again, would you like to contribute to the topic discussion, since you did bump it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on what Jon Stewart had to say.
  9. Video link is dead. Was it this?
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  11. Honestly, Jon Stewart is just an actor and comedian, and he's not going to be anyone I go to when I'm looking for an opinion. I understand that he did a satirical news show for a number of years, and unfortunately that was the way a good number of people got their 'real' news from him so to them he is like listening to an educated journalist/political analyst. But he's not, and it's not. He's just one more random guy with an opinion.
  12. And you are not different...
  13. No different than what? Some guy with an opinion? Never claimed to be. Nor did I think anyone should pay attention to my opinions. I was merely stating that Stewart isn't necessarily the person that people flock to for this type of thing unless they are looking for satire and comedy.
  14. Fair enough. Did you watch ANY of the video?

    John Stewart brings much more than "satire and comedy" to the table. He's extremely well versed on the subjects that currently plague U.S. government/political proceedings...

    It is exactly why his show was so popular...
  15. Sure, many people are who are not him also are well versed on the subjects that currently plague the US government/political proceedings. So what? I think you took what I wrote as some kind of an attack against Jon Stewart or what he said, when if you read what I actually wrote, I didn't. If you love him and want to have his babies in your belly, that's your deal.
  16. Did you not state that John Stewart "is just an actor and comedian"?

    And by doing so completely disregard the validity of his more than informed "opinion"?
  17. That's his profession, correct? He's an actor and a comedian. I think if you were to go to Jon Stewart and say, "Hey, you're an actor and comedian!" He'd respond with, "You bet I am!"

    Being an actor and a comedian doesn't give him or anyone else any special insight into political commentary. While you may find his opinion interesting, many people do not. I am one of them who does not. Again, nowhere did I attack him. And no where did I attack you either, so I'm unsure why you even care about what I posted.

    I would suggest that instead of watching Jon Stewart talk about something for 2.5 hours, spending those same 2.5 hours doing your own research on a given topic and formulating your own opinion is going to take you much farther.
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  18. You do realize he is a political satirist and a comedian that focuses mainly on political genre, right? That's his shtick. Your attempt to invalidate him is a little curious considering he is more than qualified to weigh into the political arena since that's his "meat and potatoes".

    Ronald Reagan was "only an actor" and he changed the course of American politics forever. As a drooling brain-damaged puppet but change happened nonetheless.
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  19. Okay, so now for some reason you're coming after me when I've done nothing to attack you or anyone else in this thread. I guess it's my day to have an unpopular opinion. But here's the thing: Nowhere did I attempt to invalidate him. I simply stated my opinion of him. If you can explain how my opinion of someone, anyone, is an attack or affront to you, please do so.

    Also, I think I actually said he did political satire, so I have no idea why you're trying to 'correct' me on his career lol. Al Franken and Fred Grandy were also both actors and comedians too, and like Reagan they became politicians. What does that have to do with my opinion of Jon Stewart? Nothing!

    If people are butt hurt because I don't value Jon Stewart's opinion, get over yourselves. It's my opinion,not yours. If your ideas are so fragile that they shake when someone doesn't think the same way, that's a YOU problem, not a ME problem.

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