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  1. okay, im not sure if anyone here watches it, but its soo sad that their getting accused of all of this shtuff!
    idk, i just want them to hug and make up.

    and you can tell she is PISSED at him.

    any other fans present?
  2. Could you fill me in on the details?
  3. wow. i can hardly believe my eyes, is this a real thread on grasscity?
  4. omg, so like idk, theyre talking divorce because he was accused of having an affair with some girl, which he totally wasnt, and she was accused of "flirtatious touching" wiht her body guard, and not theyre really pissy and not talking. i think he moved out and shes living at home. i think he just moved out temporairly but still. i loved that show. i can name off all the kids,match them to their picture, and tell you a little about their personality. =P this is probably as much gay as ill let off on the city. im usually pretty good at keeping it contained.
  5. not trying to be an ass, hater or anything but everything that is happening to them is their own fault and i dont feel bad whatsoever. they should never have been on t.v. in the first place, and the fact that they are destroyed them. since when is having an exorbitant amount of kids a good reason to have a t.v. show?
  6. well that tv show did pay for all those kids college tutions and the rest of their lives, soooooo
  7. i used to HATE the show, but now i don't mind it. :eek:
    wouldn't go so far as to call myself a fan, though...

    but i do know about the shit that's going down.
    i feel bad for jon. kate's a bitch. i just don't like her. haha.
  8. she pushed out 8 kids, give her a break
  9. well, I would imagine that after dealing with those kids all day, the lady kate is prolly tired as fuck. Dude man John wants some pussy, but kate aint havin that shit tonight, or any other night. So ***** went and found himself some pussy.
  10. yea thats definitely one way to look at it but none of this stuff would have happened w/out the show (probly) so i guess they broke even money - divorce.
  11. well theres some stat thats like parents of multiples are 3x as likley to divorce
  12. This show is really really dumb.
  13. That girls a fucking bitch
  14. thanks for your constructive input into the conversation!
  15. one time I went to this girl's house high and her and her friends were watching this show when they were vacationing in hatteras or something

    I literally thought the deers they saw were animated and I started laughing for so long
  16. I wouldnt call myself a fan but I do enjoy watching the show every now and then.

    At first I enjoyed watching the cute kids but after watching it stoned I kinda realized that it has a darker undertone of two exrremely stressed out people and a family thats been in front of cameras way too long.
    I think the show was good for them at first, they got a shit load of money and all that good stuff. Also gave them a chance to take a bunch of vacations and shit, thats nice too.

    I dont acknowledge this shit about jon cheating, kate with the bodygaurd blahblahblah sounds like more bullshit from the bullshit mill, you know? people like to make shit up.
    In the beginning Kate was always bitchy, shes just a control freak with bitch tendancies. Jon never did anything but be a cool dude and an awesome dad (as far as i saw)
    It seems like its Kate pushing him away. Shes so fucking btichy to him for NO reason! It really gets to me cuz the guy doesnt do anything wrong.
    Look at her now, always having her hair and nails done and goiing to the spa and shit. And she LOOOVES talking about herself and the kids. I think this TV stuff has gotten her to be really narcissitic and self absorbed, I dont think she even realizes how bad she is to Jon.

    I feel bad for the kids cuz its super obvious that their parents relationship isnt working right now. Not so much for the 6 little ones, theyre only 5 so they probably dont notice much but how old are cara and maddy? they have to be at least 10 right? I remember being aware of my parents relationship when I was like 8. I feel bad for those girls. It really sucks when your parents relationship is going down the toilet and I bet it sucks more for the whole world to be watching it.
    IMO this should be the last season. The whole world doesnt need to know their business, they need to keep it to themselves, for their kids sakes.

    yeah that was long, sorry:eek:
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  18. I hope you realize all of this drama is made up to increase viewer count and discussion of the show.
  19. ^^ So true.

    A lot of the problems they discuss on this show aren't real, they're instigated by the producers to create some drama and make the show interesting. But honestly I do believe Jon probably had an affair.

    I've only seen like 2 episodes, I think the show's boring and I think it's ridiculous that they've turned it into this media frenzy.
  20. Heh, my girlfriend is obsessed with this show. She makes me watch it with her sometimes.

    Did he really cheat on her? I personally think she's a bitch but maybe it's just because of all her kids.

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