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Jolly rancher edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Deleted member 985876, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I looking to make homemade THC and, CBD infused blue raspberry rolly ranchers. :love-mj2:

    Anyone ever done this and, have their favorite recipe? I need extra strength like 1000mg of THC with about 400mg CBD.

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    I hope you don't mean 1000/400 in one dose! . I would make a "virgin batch" as it's a bit tricky. You melt the candy in a double boiler and add decarbed concentrate, stir vigorously to incorporate your concentrate, place into molds or pour out onto greased surface or parchment paper and cut into pieces. It's not possible to make one piece of candy that strong. You would have to eat a gram of concentrate. You will need to buy concentrate that meets your requirements for THC/CBD.
    Here is a candy recipe I copied from Another Tincture thread, PsychedelicSam, "
    :yummy: Green/Gold Dragon Recipe Card for Canna Hard Candies :yummy:

    I've had this recipe for Jolly Rancher hard candy for a while but am just now getting around to it. I'm glad that I waited because if something doesn't work, I don't lose any of my 1st class GD. What I'm using now has been squeezed out of freebies and I mean squeezed. and I did have a failure so no waste.

    The whole thing wasn't a failure, just one phase. The other phase worked very well. I decided to make 2 batches, one using coconut oil, the other with elixir. For the second time the oil has disappointed for hard candies. Each time I have not been able to get the coconut oil to incorporate into the candy. It stays separate, but at least I was able to recover most of it. I was worried about that because of another candy, a butter brickle, and the oil wouldn't blend then, either.

    Both batches were identical except for the flavor of Jolly Rancher and the type enhancement. In the successful batch I used a combination of honey elixir and Agave elixir, a half ounce of each. I did that because I don't have too much of either one. I wanted to also try a sugar based cannabis product because I thought it would blend better into the sugar mixture and I was right. Unless you know the secret to get the oil to mix, then I recommend transferring your thc to an elixir. There's a school of thought that GD itself won't work because the alcohol will evaporate off leaving the thc behind in a non-viable form and wasting it. They said that about transferring to honey, too. So when I get some more GD I'm going to give it a try with an extra small batch to see if it's possible. Edit: GD works great, by the way. More later.

    Here's the recipe:

    .5 cup of granulated sugar
    .25 cup of light corn syrup
    1 fl oz of water
    5 Jolly Ranchers in the flavor of your choice
    1 fl oz of Elixir
    Powdered Sugar
    Candy thermometer

    Grind the Jolly Ranchers in a coffee grinder and place in a side dish to have ready.

    In a saucepan, combine the granulated sugar, water and corn syrup and place on medium to medium high heat until it reaches 302F on your candy thermometer. Keep the tip from resting on the bottom. If you have a deeper saucepan, your thermometer may clip to the side. I suggest that because trying to hold the thermometer off the bottom for the final several moments while stirring is a bitch. Because of that and being on my feet, my back and neck is killing me and prevented me from making very pretty candies.

    Once it reaches 302 degrees, remove it from the heat until it drops back down to 250-260. Add the ground Jolly Ranchers and the elixir and stir like hell to get it blended because it's getting harder fast. You do this at this temp instead of higher so that you don't vaporize any of the goodies.

    Have a buttered plate ready and pour your candy onto it. It's still pliable and will spread out a bit. Let it cool for 5-10 minutes. While it is still workable, dust your hands with powdered sugar and sprinkle some on your candy blob. Use a spoon or your hands to pull out small amounts and roll them into a spherical kind of shape:D. I tried to use my mold but it was too stiff to work in the one I have. I was slow because I was starting to hurt so the stuff was starting to set up. It was like pulling taffy. I just broke off a piece and formed it. I got some babies and also a couple of real jawbreakers. If it gets too hard to work, you can place it on a low burner for a few moments until it loosens up or in a warm oven. I think that an easier way to make these in a uniform shape and dosage would be to roll it into a cylinder and then use a knife to slice through it before it hardens, similar to the way I do my cookies. Roll your "dinosaur eggs" in some powdered sugar, place in a bag or air tight container with some more powdered sugar and store in a cool dry place.

    I ate one of the medium size "eggs", or I should say that I let it melt in my mouth and it was delicious. I used raspberry lemonade flavor for the successful batch and it had no cannabis taste at all but the big thing is that it had plenty of cannabis "pop". I even detected a little honey/agave flavor to it. In the picture I circled the one I ate. That was a few hours ago and it is still peaking, making this pictorial a little bit of a challenge. I swear, between yesterday's soft candy and today's hard candy, I have really been lost in the ozone, again and still.

    The process for using a solvent transfer to create the elixirs, honey and agave is found in various locations on this thread. It's very simple to make and I have just found a great way to use it other than orally. By the way, this is not an original recipe but has been adapted from a larger recipe using 2 ounces of reefer and 6 oz of honey and a lesser version of a GD and transfer. Mine is better. :rolleyes:.

    1) The ingredients for 2 equal batches using different canna products, honey and agave elixir and coconut oil. The red Jolly Rancher bowl is Strawberry Watermelon and the other is Raspberry Lemonade. Also shown is the granulated sugar in half cup portions, light corn syrup, powdered sugar, and the oil and elixirs (bottles).
    2) Grinding 5 Jolly Ranchers in the coffee grinder. [​IMG]

    No pics of the cooking and working because I was kind of busy and my hands were just a little sticky.

    3) These are my "dinosaur eggs" and they are POTENT! [​IMG]

    4) This is the failed batch trying to use the coconut oil. It made a nice candy but it's just too bad that the thc wasn't blended in. It looked just like when I poured it in so I just poured it off and will use it elsewhere. I wonder it it's sweet. I didn't ball this up but I will break it into pieces for a sober treat.

    There are many more candy recipes out there but this one seemed simple enough and I could do it without a lot of special equipment and effort. The original recipe I found for this called for 2 full cups of sugar and would make more than a lot of people might want plus use a lot of your cannabis resources. I cut into a quarter of the original with the idea to create a product that is within any budget and can be made for a party of 20 or just 1. Several people on GC have expressed a wish for a hard candy recipe that gives exact measurements for the enhancements. I hope this fills that need a bit and hope that you enjoy your "eggs". :cool:

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