Jokes About Erdogan Aren't Funny in Germany

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    The government has allowed authorities to prosecute—if they choose to do so—Jan Böhmermann, a satirist who mocked the Turkish leader on TV.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel paved the way Friday for the possible prosecution of a German satirist who recited on television a poem that lampooned Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president.

    At a news conference to announce the decision, Merkel said it “means neither a prejudgment of the person affected nor a decision about the limits of freedom of art, the press, and opinion.” In other words, it’s up to prosecutors to decide if they will bring charges against Jan Böhmermann, who two weeks ago on ZDF, the public broadcaster, recited a sexually explicit poem about the Turkish leader on late-night television.

    At the root of the controversy is a satirical song on Erdogan from another German TV show, called extra3. The lyrics of that song were mild, but prompted Turkey to demand that it be removed from the Internet.

    Enter Böhmermann, who decided to test the limits of German free-speech laws. Indeed, his poem on ZDF made references to the size of Erdogan’s penis, as well as the Turkish leader’s supposed sexual proclivities, his alleged predilection for child pornography, and his actions against Turkey’s minorities, especially the Kurds. (And, The Guardian adds, throughout his performance, Böhmermann is “advised by another comedian impersonating a media lawyer, who tells him this poem is precisely the sort of thing that does not qualify as satire and is therefore illegal.”)

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  2. Crazy no freedom of speech lol

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  3. That is the nature of the state. You asked for it and you got it. It only exists to extract wealth and personal rights not to defend them.
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    In Germany, Turkish people are almost like the equivalent of Mexicans in the US. Germans love their Kebab.. but don't necessarily love Turks. ;)

    The phrase 'Du Turke!' is almost synonymous with 'you loser, moocher, dirty foreigner, illegal immigrant, etc.'

    I always thought it was funny, even cute.

    I guess you could say that Europe is still in a state of PTSD following World War 2. They want to be as tolerant and politically correct as they possibly can, so as to avoid repeating history. There's two ways to look at it, really. It's almost like a mental berlin wall.
  5. I think it's so funny the Turkish president thinks he has the power the remove negative things about him off the internet, that's some North Korean shit hahah

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  6. Erdogan is some knob.

    I have Turkish friends who maintain Donald Trump is Erdogans orange twin.

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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