JOKER on sweatshirt! painted

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ColonelZipp, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. i was bored and felt like painting. this will (most likely) be the last thing i paint in this house cause im movin out at the end of the month and getting an apartment! so thatll be my first place.

    anyway yeah this took me about 3 hours, on an old sweatshirt i had gotten at target a few years ago. Based on the Arkham Asylum graphic novel.


  2. Oh my god.
  3. How long did that take?
  4. Grate werk.
  5. +rep for some serious airbrush skill
  6. oh wow.. how long did it take you to develop these airbrush skills
  7. man that's amazing looking man, great work. I'd sure as hell buy one.
  8. thanks for the replies!

    this took me about 3 hours i think... didnt time it though.

    ive been airbrushing for about 4 years now
  9. definatly paid off, that shits fresh
  10. Nice work man. But that would definitely bug me out if i was trippin.
  11. Fucking sick man. +rep.


    ahh gotta spread some first, ill hit you up thought that's dope.
  12. you have some serious talent my friend

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