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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by asdf0123, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I've never smoked a joint and my bud is getting me 2 in the near month. I still live with my parents and they'd kill me if they knew that I'd ever touched any narcotics.

    Would it be safe to smoke a joint and go home? My parents do the laundry, so would it be safe to throw the clothes in the washing bin?

    I'm pretty positive that they've never smelled marijuana before, but my dad used to smoke cigarettes, so I don't know if he'd notice the smell.

    P.S: I don't plan on using any cologne.
  2. Do it in an open area and make sure you wash your hands. most of the smell comes from your fingers
  3. Your getting 2 joints in the near month? Any idea of how much weed in the joints?

    And yes your going to smell. I wouldnt put your clothes in the bin. I suggest you do your own clothes and smoke if you want to and move away from your parents if they have never smelt weed before.
  4. I've smoked a joint before walking to school and went in BANGING like weed. But it doesn't happen every time.

    If you wanna be super safe,

    Make sure you wash your hands when you're finished (MAJOR)
    Just spray some hairspray in your hair.
    Use mouthwash.
    I wouldn't put your clothes in the basket for your mom to clean if they just take them off and sniff 'em.

    I think you'll be good though, especially if you smoke the joint outside.
  5. if your outside man just blow it into the wind and do what the others said and wash your hands. you will probably smell
  6. Smoke outside, and stay outside for the high so you can air out. Wash your hands afterwards and drink something. If your eyes are red then use eye drops if you think that would give it away. You really won't smell that much unless you go back home right after you smoke, but that wouldn't be a good idea if you haven't smoked before.

    Also don't act paranoid and take extra precautions that you wouldn't normally do at home, because they won't be expecting anything different so don't act like there is.
  7. if your worried about your clothes smelling just wear like a spring jacket over top and then throw it into the bottom of your closet. and make sure you wash your hands. if you smoke outside you really should be pretty fine for smell though.
  8. Perhaps do your own laundry
  9. This.

    Also maybe try to time it to where your parents are in bed, but you aren't out after your curfew. And just like throw your clothes on the floor of your bedroom for the night, they shouldn't stink much if you smoke outside.

    But first and foremost enjoy it, hopefully you get some good stuff. If not get some bud and you can roll your own, look around here on gc and youtube some vids.
  10. brush your teeth right afterwords. then wash your hands. and make sure you air out a little bit before you go around them. its going to smell. but the weed smell usually doesnt stick to clothes for to long. especially if theyre sitting in your dirty clothes bin.
  11. I am almost 100% sure your clothes will not smellif your smoking outside i dont know why everyone is telling you to wash your own clothes, and second all you have to do it wash your hands cause your finger tips might smell, but its not noticeable unless your parents regulary smell your fingers...

    What I am saying is if you smoke it outside, you wont smell at all.
  12. HAHA 10 bucks says both your parents have tried weed sometime in their life.
  13. Get some Purell hand sanitizer, wear an old sweater/jacket you never usually wear. Smoke the joint outside away from your place, use hand sanitizer and leave the jacket in the backyard when you come in the house. Some Visine might be a good idea also cause they might have something to say if your eyes are glossy and bloodshot lol.

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