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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dmb718, May 28, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for quite awhile, and I've never smoked a joint until yesterday. My friend and I were going hiking and I thought I didn't want a piece on me in a national park. So we decided to get some roll papers and roll a couple joints for the hike.

    Since yesterday, I've smoked probably six joints. I have developed a new found love for them. I almost never want to go back to a piece (exception of bongs, just... cause its a bong). It's so nice not being able to get charged with a damn thing on you when you want to toke. :smoking:
  2. Joints are pretty amazing, just roll a few for on the go and light em' up whereever!
  3. The thing I like about joints is that there's practically an endless amount of different methods you can use to roll em. Cones, cross j's, long ones skinny ones, double papered, triple, QUADRUPLED!!
    joints are rad :D
  4. its good to smoke a lot of joints.

    smoke the joints lots of joints.

    joints are good.
  5. they are convienient but use and waste more weed. Smoke coming off it when ur done hitting it. At least you can swallow it if cops come though lol.
  6. Well, not sounding arrogant and snobby by any means, but I have a damn good job that pays well and money isn't an issue. Plus, a little more weed money > Possession and Paraphernalia charges.
  7. I don't know what it is, but I'd rather smoke out of a piece, no matter how small.
    Joints just realy aren't my thing I guess.
  8. Try a blunt. Don't disrespect the glass though, you'll be back around to it sooner or later, trust me.
  9. I guess I should've been more clear in my post about not wanting to go back to glass. I meant when I'm out and about. I have a few pieces and two bongs at my house and when I'm home I love using them. But when I'm out hiking and climbing, walking, whatever it is out in public, I like the j's. :)
  10. Absolutely. No more paraphernalia or having to be careful when you're smoking. Twist that shit and light it, :cool:.

    I don't like joints just because I think they burn too fast. They're amazing though, don't get me wrong. I roll one up here and there, but usually it's my bong at home and blunts on the road.
  11. i absolutly love joints but i have one bad thing to say about them, it tends to make my sac last about a week or maybe 5 days less than normal

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