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  1. What is up? I have been smoking since about March. I started out smoking after school a couple times a week then it turned into a once a week thing on like Fridays at a party then I stopped for a while. Now I smoke just about everyday. I just bought my first bag last night though. I dont have to buy because I get it for free and as much as I want but I wanted to have a bag for myself so I could be a wake and bake:) Anyway my bro just rolled me a joint cuz I suck at that and I was just wondering.... is there a certain time you can leave stuff rolled. Like do I have to smoke the joint the day it was rolled or can I wait a while and just have it rolled for when I am ready?
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  2. welcome to the site. when i roll i smoke it that day or night. if you have a safe place to keep the joint where the weed wont fall out of unroll itself then you can save it for a while. when saveing it i think it would be wise to keep it in a ziplock bag so it wont spoil.
  3. what do you use as rollers? most papers burn fast.
  4. hey thanks you guys. ive been to like before when i had just started smoking and all people did there was make fun of you for every question you asked. its really cool to get a straight-up answer. thanks

  5. Welcome to Grasscity. Hope you stick around awhile. This site is much better than Yahooka because the bullshit is not allowed here.

    Every one here are mellow so ask all the questions you want.

  6. But seriously though, people did ask some pretty damn funny questions on yahooka. I mean, c'mon.. You gotta admit...

    I was wondering that myself too. Cause Christmas break's gonna be epic. I'm coming home with a quarter of dank and another of mids..... Can you believe they give college students a whole month off? ha! Anyway I was thinking of rolling a whole bunch at the beginning of the break but I'll probably just roll like three or four at a time.

    Personally I'm not a big fan of wake 'n baking... I pretty much always smoke in the evenings after I'm all done with everything, so when I wake 'n bake I don't get nearly as high (cause of the thc still in my system). And then the night after I wake 'n bake I still don't get as high. And then... Anyway yeah, it's a vicious cycle.
  7. Yeah, you can roll as many as want and keep them. For things like blunts, Id suggest smoking soon after rolling, if not right away. Because all thats holding it together is dried saliva.

    Hopefully, now that YaHooka has been down for a while, most of the trolls and idiots will have found somewhere else to post, and it'll be like YaHookas golden age all over again, if anybody can remember back a year or two... :p
  8. I do enjoy a wake n bake every now and then. I find that you tend to get " Stuck on stupid " for the day, if ya know what I mean. Roll um up. But if your a new smoker, get ready to cough. Keep them in a bag, or even a nice box. not cedar though. yuk! Have a great break.. Cabin
  9. as long as you rolled that jizzo well, you can keep it for as long as you want, though you'll probably want to smoke it as soon as you can
  10. Smoke 'em' if you got 'em'. If you wanna save 'em' for later put 'em' in a used Altoid mint tin. Gives 'em' a nice refreshing minty taste.

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  11. the best way is to leave your weed in bud form only break up what you want to roll in a spliff and fire it taste is just as important as high


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