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Joints too harsh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm on a tolerance break right now but this is something I've always had a problem with. I can't inhale any smoke from the joint at all without my throat practically stinging and it makes it very un-enjoyable. I thought it was the papers I was using so I switched from Raw's to Elements and I've been getting the same problem. Is it really just the papers or am I smoking it wrong or what?

  2. Its just how joints are, the smoke doesnt get to cool off like in a bong, try taking lighter hits i suppose

    -Ounces ounces ounces
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    sounds like you're taking too big hits. try to take in just for at the most 0.8seconds and hold then exhale. i only use joints i had this issue.
  4. From all the dry tools, joints are the smoothest imo. Just like enjoyandlive said, try smaller hits, you're not emptying a bong here. Thinner longer joints could be smoother than fatties? I don't know, but certain is that big king size +1 gram joints get harsh after a while
  5. Joints hurt for me after the second half. When it gets close to the crutch it is burning a lot hotter and it has to be burning that paper thats in there a lil. Joints hurt a lot less when I smoke them outside in nice(non breezy) air.
  6. Joints are just hot and harsh. Cool the smoke.
    Put the joint in between your ring and middle finger, or curl your pinkie around it.
    Cup your hand and seal the chamber with your other hand
    Inhale at the hole created by your index finger and thumb.

    Think of bird-calls - do that with a joint somewhere in your hands.
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    use less paper and more weed..
    a proper joint is smooth as hell..
    and don't put a "crutch" at the end.. that makes it horrible.
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    Yeah I had this when I smoked a fat joint the other day, I seemed to feel a bit sick after each hit too which is shit since I toke a fair bit.

    I usually put tobacco in with it and as much as I hate it, I think I prefer how it burns and the hits are easier to take somehow haha

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