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Joints or pipe? smell advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by medstudent123, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I usually dont care about smell so I need some advice because i gotta go stealth for today.

    If I smoke a joint outside for 5 mins and then be outside and around for about 2-3 more hours after that, do you think the smell with still be stuck to my clothes? Ill probably take off my jacket and wash my hands . anu advice?
  2. nahh you should be fine after like 30 minutes unless your just standing outside and not doing anything or unless its some really skunky weed.,
  3. ill be ot for like 2-4 hours actually, at a concert... would i be good? if not ill buy a pipe
  4. You'll be fine, bro. Weed smoke doesn't stick to stuff like cigarette smoke. I can smoke out my window, then be in front of my parents 5 minutes later and they don't smell anything.

  5. The probably do, actually.
  6. weed really doesn't stink up your cloths that much so I would say either unless your in a hotbox
  7. Nah, man, my parents are super conservative and hate weed. They know what it smells like.
  8. Joints are smellier than a pipe and use more weed, for stealth just buy a small pipe
    Or a one hitter and make sure no smoke gets on you( blow it straight up into air)
  9. You will be fine. The smell usually wears off completely after 5-10 minutes being outside
  10. ill be smoking outside in the snow anyways, i think ill be good.
  11. Well joints make your fingers and breath stink. Bad, too. So smoke your joint, wash your hands thoroughly, then eat an orange. Helps cover the smell on your breath, peeling it helps cover the smell on your fingers.

    Pipes make your breath and fingers smell significantly less, but chances are unless the pipe is brand new, it's probably gonna reek. Just keep that in mind
  12. youll be fine but I would still buy a pipe any way cuz it saves bud and I think it gets u higher.
  13. Yeah a bowl would definitely be the way to go

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