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Joints Or Glass Pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoneyJatt, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Hey, I always smoke out of a glass pipe and have smoked joints before but I am just wondering are joints worse for you're health since the paper gets burnt too. I wana start rolling joints sometimes because they are very convenient and seem fun to smoke. If I smoked like one joint a week vs smoking once a week out of a glass pipe would it be much worse for me and would joints give you're lungs permanent damage because of the paper?

  2. You could always switch to a different type of paper, such as a rice paper, if you're concerned. Or check out Raw and Elements papers, those are both very nice... though paper quality kind of varies by opinion apparently. 
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    That's so awesome, elements and raw are both organic rolling papers and I know a really good store near me that sells them !

    Thanks !

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  4. well ill tell you one thing, joints are healthier than smoking blunts thats for sure. although joints are more for when you're smoking by yourself or with one, two more people TOPS. blunts are more of group thing. but if you want to make your weed last, stick to pipes 
  5. i once made a little over a gram last almost a month taking hits out of pipe everyday 
  6. Worrying about paper..?? You're inhaling noxious gasses and tar (particulate matter) and you're worrying about paper? Dude go buy a vape if you're worried about lung health, that's the most surefire way to 'healthy' tokin'. =p

    Otherwise: don't worry too much, smoke a joint.
    You're welcome :)
  8. glass pipes are more stealthy because you can stop it from burning by covering it. also they conserve weed great! i had an eighth last forever. a con would be that glass is sketchy. you do it outside and mofos think its crack or something.
    joints are cool to roll and the amount of tree you use to roll one gets me bakkkkkkkkked.!
  9. Joints are awesome.
  10. Joints are my preferred method, but they kill your stash unless you roll thin for solo use. I like them because they are inconspicuous (looking, people can still smell it, though a splif will cover the smell somewhat) and you can go take a nice jaunt out at the park with one. you want to smoke in public, go with a joint.
  11. i smoked a joint today in my local park and the weather was great and someone bought their guitar 
  12. joint in glass pipe, ill give you a minute to keep your head from exploding
  13. Glass over everything. Water filtration is always the way to go though. 

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