Joints or blunts..

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  1. I prefer joints because of flavor and burn... I hate when people say blunts burn longer it's how u roll!
  2. I don't like either but I'd prefer a blunt. I hate joints they make the weed taste like shit and paper. Plus blunts do burn longer than joints in general. I prefer a Bong over everything.

    I feel like I get instantly high when I smoke a bong. I smoked a glass bowl a couple days ago and I honestly didn't even get high from it. Bongs ftw!
  3. blunts dont smoke as much, I was smokin a personal last night watchin a movie and I looked at the tip of my burning blunt sitting in my hand and there was barely a visible side stream smoke amount, when I smoke joints hella ash hella smoke
  4. Blunts burn longer!!!!!!
  5. while I agree its all 'how you roll'
    a proper dutch is imo much better than a J
  6. ya i smoked both yesterday matter of fact and blunts are way better
  7. Blunts hurt your back and all that shit... Not to mention cancer lol... But if any blunt smoke originals please...
  8. Blunts hurt your back? Wtf?
  9. Blunts without a doubt, they burn slower so you get higher. Its maths. We wanna get higher right?

  11. No my man, Blunts are thicker, thats why they burn slower. Again its maths
  12. I feel like blunts get me highest. Smooth hits, burns good and slow. Joints are just idk weird ha blunts ftw
  13. joints for sure.

    blunts take away the taste of exotic trees, to me. when i smoke blunts i mostly taste tobacco and yea blunts hurt my back too.

    i think its my lungs being so used to joints,bongs, and vapes.
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    blunts look thicker because of all the tobacco.
  15. No mate they are thicker, you use tobacco in rizzla yeah? look lie one next to a rizzla trust me you wont need a microscope lol

  16. so what. Dude this is a smokers site. Chill man lol:)
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    no not talking about loose tobacco. you didnt know what you roll ya weed in is made of tobbaco?
  18. the 3 b's in my life: blunts, bongs & bitches.

  19. Bluntz aint made of baccy, There made of hemp.
  20. I'm trying to drift away from the blunts, although I had one yesterday. After smoking almost nothing but blunts for years it starts to take a toll on your throat...:(

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