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Joints Or Blunts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, May 26, 2003.


What do you prefer?

  1. Blunts are the shit...

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  2. Joints all the way, I smoke a J every day!

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  3. Uh.. i don't smoke weed and I'm a poser. I like to pretend i do, but i don't even know w

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  1. haha, i know what your thinkin... my name. Yeah, the name sounds funny and cool... only reason i picked it. I actually dont have much love for blunts... they suck imo. I'm an old school stoner, i love joints. Bob Marley style, thin cig joints, u name it, i can roll it.
  2. To tell ya the truth i dont think i'd give up one for the other, so hard to choose! (By the way, im the single poser vote so far... YEAHHHHHHH!!! GO POSERS!!!)
  3. well.... if i had to chose i would pick a big fat blueberry flavored blunt! hell yea! i usually just smoke a bowl though...
  4. I smoke joints everyday, and I only smoke blunts with my very best friend on sunday evening as a nice end to the week.. I will on the other hand smoke a blunt if someone has one and wants to smoke it with me..
  5. JOINTS!!!!!
  6. I smoke both.... because there is a place and time for everything......

    sometimes ya don't hae enough for a blunt (doesn't happen often) or just not in the mood...... sometimes i just wanna puff on a nice fat j to the head..... either or as long as your gettin high as hell....
  7. joints!

    and keep that shitty, evil, addicting, poisoning, murderous, diseasing, cancerous, circulation restrickting, phetus deforming, no-good-effect, smelly, money-in-the-pockets-of-the-worlds-worst-capitalists, poluting tobacco outta my joints!

    go parsley! ;D
  8. Exactly. There is a time and a place for smoking from joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, etc.
  9. Blunts are god.... but there really is nothing better than lying back on my couch with a fatty and tasting nothin but fine fine nugs.
  10. BLUNTS...only if there isn't a bowl around...

    Joints, almost never.
  11. hey old school roller (the person that wrote the forum) how did u get so good at rolling i mean i can roll a decent joint but i mean they dont always stay lit is it just practice or something o ya my dad can roll a hell of a joint! also do u use a filter and all that shit cause i sure as hell dont
  12. This is not meant to be racist in anyway. But i find that people that live closer to "black" people smoke blunts. cause they tend to only smoke blunts. now the white man i find is always smoking joints. why, i dont know. But me im a blunt lover all the way and im a white guy. Well i really like dutchy's more which are alittle different but better. :-D
  13. YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING!! ok who can possibly like a joint over a blunt? sure you may not like using up your weed as much as you have to in a blunt, but thats not the question. its which do you like to smoke more, and my logic tells me that:

    blunts = more weed = get higher
    joints = less weed = not as high!!!

    so take this into consideration people, vote blunts!!


  14. Yes, but the less weed used=the more joints that can be roled. It all works out in the end. I would have to say joints are my favorite, although I wouldn't turn down either one if passed in my direction. Each has its place, and blunts seem to be better when you have more than 2 people. But I like the feel of a good J better. Its more personal and pure or something.
  15. i dont think either is better , both have advantages and di-advantages.. It just depends what i fell like somkin, i switch it up sometimes ill go weeks or months just smokin outta bowls then ill smoke bongs or ill start rollin jays, i just smoked a choclate swisher sweet bout 30mins ago and really enjoyed it so i think ima start smokin blunts again for awhile
  16. joints over blunts, any day.
  17. i luv my blunts but for full taste and pleasure i go for a joint.
  18. I usually roll fat joints. Like 90% of the time. But I LOVE a $20-30 blunt on special occassions.. For example, I haven't smoked bud in like 2 months. When I start again, I'm planning on getting an ounce and rolling up 2-3 $20 blunts on my first day.

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