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Joints or Blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexstartsagain, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. What do you prefer?  A joint or a blunt?  You can give any reason for your preference.  I just want to know if I should switch to blunts.

  2. They both have their pros and cons. With both of them, you have to know how to roll. Joints are a lot cheaper. (You can get a PACK of joint papers for the same price as one blunt wrap) but blunts will give you the head rush of the tobacco, in addition to the weed high. (Yes, even though you dump out the tobacco in the middle, the blunt wrap itself is still made of tobacco)
  3. I would rather a blunt over a paper just because I like a bit of added tobbacy and the wrap itself does a nice job of that + I love the taste for some reason
    century sams only! none of that falvourd stuff haha but I remember back in hs those double platinum blue berrys were the bomb
  4. Depends on how clean you like your weed smoke.
  5. i really only smoke j's or L's when I'm with my buddies. I only use glass by myself. 
  6. Cold water or slightly cold water? I need to know others opinion before I drink.
  7. given only those two options, i would choose joints, hands down... they are cleaner.
  8. Joints...
    Tobacco is useless and gross blunts are only for if you smoke shitty weed and you want to cover up the taste.

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  9. Joints when I'm with friends

    Vaporizers when I'm alone

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  10. I hate tobacco... so joint. 
  11. Joints with hemp or rice paper. Zig zags are garbage.

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  12. i normally smoke blunts all day everyday, but this weed so damn good been rollin nothin but joints for the past few days
    tis very nice :smoke: :smoke:
  13. I like joints bunts are kinda harsh tasting to me

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  14. they're both great ways to get high. when it comes down to personal preference, I enjoy the nicotine from the blunt gives u a different high when you're smoking it.

  15. i really do try to like white boys but i hate smoking them. they either burn too fast or they run. to me, theres nothing like a good ole backwood. blunts for me.
  16. Blunts.
    Blunts burn slower, and therefor give you more bang for your buck over joints. Joints burn quick and waste weed.

    However, rolling papers are less expensive than blunt wraps and also have less chemicals. But if that's what your concern is, id recommend a vaporizer.
  17. Joints vs. Blunts = Joints vs. Cancer

    Joints ftw, raw papers are far better than any blunt unless you're smoking crap weed
  18. Blunts rolled with cannabis leaves and wax and kief Blunt Cavier!

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  19. joints, in the long run they are healthier and I can roll a joint provided my bud is grinded there next to me in less than a minute. blunts i gotta finesse and make tight so they last long

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