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Joints not staying lit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alecskates12, May 13, 2011.

  1. i smoked joints for a couple times while i have been smoking over the course of the 6 months. I usually smoke out of spoon pipes and stuff.

    When i smoke joints and stuff with friends after a couple hits the joint goes out and you have to relight it. Is this normal for all joints or does that mean its was badly rolled?
  2. So basically you got smashed in the shmiddle with a yadle?
  3. most likely it's because you don't have enough weed in it or it's not rolled tight enough
  4. you must be
    a) not rolling tight
    b) not lighting it correctly
    c) not enough green
  5. What he said + maybe you need to speed up the rotation to keep it lit. If people are taking too long of breaks the joint goes out. Happens:rolleyes:
  6. Its not tight enough
  7. your bud could also be too sticky and it just wont stay lit
  8. or the weed could be a little moist, if thats the case, let it dry a bit before rolling.
  9. As everyone else said. I had the EXACT same problem when i was a novice roller (i still am). Just put more bud in your j's. Better high, and it burns!
  10. Or not properly flushed and/or dried. If it crackles it's almost definitely a flushing issue. Not burning could be not properly dried/cured or any of the above stated reasons too.
  11. Got in ahead of me! LOL!:wave:
  12. just torch the shit for a long time.
  13. It's probably rolled too tight, or the bud isn't fully cured.
  14. alrite. Thanks guys. I think its because not enough weed. im going to roll a 1g joint with some friends this weekend so i hope that will stay lit
  15. i hate those joints.. i have it haapen random im call the self destructing joints.

  16. not a very bad roll, as long as it's smokable. practice makes prefect ,

    and hanuka matada :cool::smoke:
  17. If it smokes, it's good. ;)
  18. roll that shit tighter!

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