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Joints in the Car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jjoe15, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So, obviously indoors people try to stick to pipes to keep the smell down, but what about cars? My parents sometimes use my car so I need to be able to keep the smell down, and bowls have done great for that so far. Will a joint make my car smell considerably more than a pipe would? ( I blow all my smoke out the window)
  2. get ozium

    spray it after you smoke

    open da windows and air out

    spray again

    air out again

    two days it will be "fine"

    but it will smell difinitely more than a bowl
  3. I wholeheartedly second ozium. I recommend not getting the original scent however as I find it smells like old people.

    As long as you smoke with the windows down, do a bit of driving with the windows down (faster driving is a good thing so I tend to drive on the freeway), and spray some ozium you will be perfectly okay. Trust me I'm a doctor :p.

    Been doing that since I was a kid, never got caught never had a problem.
  4. there is gonna be some residual smell
  5. Do either you or your parents smoke cigarettes? If so, the problem isn't that hard to solve.

    However, if they don't.. here is what you do.

    Tips for Smoking under Mom N' Dad's Nose Radar

    1. Rolling down a crack in the window to blow your inhalation out works surely enough but not completely. What about the joint/pipe leaking fumes into the vehicle as you maintain the car? Roll all of the windows down, and smoke smaller quantities at a time to ensure a low odor.

    2. Grab a handful of your favorite dryer sheets and blow your smoke through a wad straight through the window. Exhale to a creamy Brazilian coconut breeze every puff.

    3. Buy them a car!

    4. Buy a portable vaporizer.

    5. Kill them? or erase their memories, & convince them they're stoners.

    Hope this helps!
  6. joints usually smell a lot more than bowls, at least in my experience
  7. Alright thanks everybody, I think Im just going to stick to my pipe, not worth the risk
  8. Is it cloth or leather interior? Leather never stinks, but my car is a cloth and if you hotbox it, it can smell for a few days. I still smoke in it and its not that noticeable if you try and avoid it. I don't smoke J's or blunts tho

  9. Its cloth interior. I just spray a ton of febreeze right afterwards and it works, but obviously a joint is going to leak a lot more smoke that you can't blow out the window

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