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Joints get stronger when relit much later?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xCeeTee, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. So have you ever rolled a joint, lit it say smoked half and relit about 3-4 hours later at least? Sometimes if I fall asleep when smoking I'll relight in the morning and the joint hits me like a fucking anville I swear! Not sure if it's just me, one of my buddies backed me up but the other one I'm with says no, so we just wanna sort this little debate haha 

  2. That's because the resin builds up
  3. I put this in the wrong section I think, didn't mean to put it in Medical sorry
  4. When you sleep, com busted cannabis and non com busted cannabis dance and party.

    Or your tolerance Lowers, why people wake and bake.

    I'm pretty sure your weed is having Sex parties and making more cannabis under the sheet.
    This is the answer..the first toke of the day is always the strongest. 
    If you wait 4-5 hours before smoking again, it will also be a pretty strong high.
    We were actually saying this is probably why, thanks for helping :)
    Hahaha! It's a much better wake n bake if I toked it the night before
    If my weed were making babies, it would end up like the scene from Harold and Kumar  :eek:
  7. Resin

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    I mean if I roll 2 joints yeah? Light joint 1 and smoke half. Wait 2 hours and light joint 2 and smoke it all. Then I smoke the rest of joint 1 immediately after, it will feel like it's hitting me more in the lungs as well as having a stronger effect. One other possibility I suggested was that it's drying out which leads to easier combusting cannabis and in result the THC burns at a better quality, just a theory like the resin but who really knows? 
  9. I don't believe this to be true. I've heard both sides of it as the THC "being primed" by the heat, like being activated and somehow being stronger for it at a later time, which is just silly. The resin buildup probably has some merit, however i feel like its negligible unless you collect a lot of pot out of roaches to smoke.

    What gets you the most high is smoking the whole thing in one go. :p
  10. If I let mine go out and save for the next day or 2, it becomes much much more harsh.

    Don't notice a difference in strength per se  
  11. I'm sure somewhere, some day this will be tested by a scientist somewhere. Until then I guess we can only just fling theories and wonder? Maybe it's the placebo effect, which in that case I'll just try to convince myself that chicken has THC in it so everytime I taste chicken I'll get high, that could work  :metal:
  12. A mind strong in the force could probably pull this off. After I quit weed cold turkey once I had a few high flashbacks where I felt seriously stoned. One time after a straight friend had me try some homemade beef jerky and I asked him if there was anything special about it and he denied it. Which makes sense cuz he didn't smoke and it was only mere minutes afterwards. My eyes were red and everything. There is certainly an untapped power in our minds to get baked out of our gourd without having to ingest or inhale.
    If you smoke a half joint, then wait, then smoke the other half PLUS the remaining second joint, it's  just because you're smoking more weed. You are comparing the high of a half-joint to a full-joint.
  14. If you don't believe in the power of resin. Roll up a few blunts/js and take the roaches and put it in a bowl
    Use the same amount you would for a normal bowl and tell me it doesn't get you higher

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    I've had all sorts of theories on dried bud being more potent than fresh bud. I sometimes leave a .25 nug inside my car so that when I'm off work, it will be nice and crisp from being in my car all day. On the way home I'll spark it and it'll burn quickly and thoroughly, while a fresh bowl takes a few puffs to ash. But what do I know?

    Resin does not get me high like bud will, not sure if resin is adding a significant amount of high. But everyone's body is different.
  16. Lol I don't understand that. It has never happened to me in 40 years. It's probably just your unique body chemistry. But for the most part, it may not happen to everyone.
  17. it's because of two things:
    1. more resin builds up the more you smoke the joint adding a small amount of potency
    2. the first toke of the day always gets you feelin cooked

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    I second the resin build up like when ur havin a tobaccy smoke and you notice the paper turning yellow from the nicotine well usually the same thing happens wiff a spliff and that's why a lot of people save roachs because that little bit of weed left over is usually drenched in resin and if you take a couple of those and then roll um up in an oily joint it packs a nice little punch

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