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Joints da pain

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheShadow420, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I've noticed that smoking Js indoors is pretty painful on the throat, while I can bear with it outside because it's quite chilly/cold in the past months (winter, duh) and that somehow makes the smoke less irritating, but when summer comes around ... what the heck should I do? I fear it's gonna be a ride of shit to be smoking MJ in any hot days.
    What steps could I take to reduce that irritating/painful feel in the throat? Something to add to the joint? Make a smaller roach or what? (using other toking tools isn't much of an option, I prefer Js as they're discreet and easy-to-use, I ain't gonna use a bong in public in an European country with some of the strictest drug laws in the continent lol)

  2. Get a vape, roll wit better papers, take smaller hits, get better quality weed, use less paper when u roll, learn to roll better so it's not loose m or has a lot of paper so it burns quickly and harshly, roll better, that's pretty much all u can do wit joints unless u vape

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  3. Also roll wit a filter-crutch-whatever u Wana fall it

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  4. If its really that bad stop smoking joints and buy a piece that filters through water.
  5. if you're a cigarette smoke, add tobacco to your joints and make them a spliff. sometimes that'll help with irritation. however if you don't smoke, this'll only make it worse.
    the papers you're currently rolling with could just have harshly burning fibers and causing the issue, so go into your LHS and ask for some hemp papers, or just smoother burning papers in general.
  6. If the weed is harsh then it's harsh, nothing to do with temperature etc.
    It has to do with temperature if your using a small piece with little to no time for the smoke to cool down.
    Steam rollers hurt the fuck out of my throat soley because you get a big cloud of hot smoke
    Read the original post, he's talking about outside temperatures, I doubt that from the point of combustion down to like 5cm to your mouth that the smoke cools significantly more if it's a few degrees colder. Could argue that wind makes the joint smoother if you agree with that. When you're talking about bongs you gotta think about how much the smoke dissapates (SP?) in a large bong compared to a small one where it'd be more dense and therefore harsher.
    Hope that makes sense it was super hard to word :smoking:
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    Yeah, i see that he is referencing to outside temps and what I am saying is that he should just get a piece that filters through water, so even if its a small piece at least its get a minor cool down on the smoke and he can enjoy it any time of the year
    He'll never smoke if he thinks he can only do it in the winter, thats blasphemy
  10. No one mentioned staying well hydrated? It's still gonna be harsh but a bottle of cold water or juice, etc. will refreshing like taking a deep breath of cold air. It helps me a lot to take a swig before a hit and big swig after. Not necessarily something to help the joint but maybe help keep your throat feeling better.

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  11. Well, that's really weird. I have switched papers to more quality ones, but it doesn't really bring any difference - the Js are also rolled properly.
    I only notice that outside in the chilly humid weather I just don't feel the pain. I don't mean that the smoke is cooled due to the room/outside temps, but maybe it's got something to do with humidity or sth like that, I dunno.
    And I've also tried tons of different weed, they usually have the same feeling. And yeah, I do roll with tobacco, so could that be the reason? I don't really have any choice - can't roll a decent joint with that little weed (expensive & not enough money to afford big supply) and using toking tools is not a good option (not discreet enough to smoke outside, too big & complicated to use (a joint/spliff you just roll and then light up like a cig anywhere), mother would notice even tho she's okay with my weed usage, but doing it at home would not be a good idea).
  12. For a more desirable toke I would recommend either simply straight up vaping, vaping through a water bong with icy cold water or just smoking through a water bong with a good percolator and some icy cold water.
    Of course vaping will save your lungs from feeling the same way down the road as opposed to smoking.
  13. Bongs really fuck up my throat if I take a lot of hits.

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