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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hands down my favorite way to smoke at the moment. I've been ripping my bong every night and that got old so i wanted to try something new. So i rolled a joint for the first time and went outside to smoke it. It was loose as fuck but burned surprisingly well.

    When i got high off that joint i felt like an accomplished man. i mean i made that shit and it worked. So now i been practicing rollin everyday just lookin to get better. Its so nice cuz u can just ditch it if u see anybody like cops or parents.

    Would it be easier to make it tighter if i just put more bud in? Instead of tryin to roll it tighter
  2. Not necessarily, learn your tuck and roll. Practice, practice, practice. Remember you can always tear a bad joint apart and reroll it. Good luck! :cool:
  3. yeah it is def easier to roll when that shit is stuffed. Cannons or gtfo!!!
  4. I always put more in..
    1 ; easier to roll and tuck
    2 ; get more baked !
  5. Grind that shit up nicely and it will be easier and pack it nice. Also whatcha rollin with? Get a nice paper and you will love it even more - like RAW's.
  6. my personal fave is the cone spliff rolled with Zig Zag King size papers. Feels badass just looking at it burn.
  7. To make it tighter, grab one end and start shaking it slightly so the bud falls towards the bottom and makes it tighter. Works for me. Oh yea, make sure no bud could fall out of the mouth piece while your doing it. :smoke:
  8. My favorite too, although I like blunts on a special occasion, I do prefer joints.
  9. if you want a tighter joint, you could break up your bud less fine

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