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Joints and why

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bradl33t, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Roll out of bed, grab the weed, grab the grinder and papers. Make a tiny crutch and roll up a bone. There is something odly spiritual in the way I wake up some days. I honestly only smoke one joint a week to keep it interesting. But that feeling of grinding up a big nug and the sounds of the grinder slicing through plant like a lawn mower is what makes it for me, along side the actual smoking. It feels right. I know some people who are so concerned with saving and conserving weed they miss out on so much of the weed smoking world. Today's generation has been raised on glass pipes and vaping and dab rigs. And have forgotten the simple joint and it's age old way of gettin stoned. The argument of "it's less effective" is true, but who cares!? Joints are awesome some of the time. And I recommend others to start smoking at least one joint a week just for the sake of keeping the ritual going. A world without joint smoking is not a world worth living in.
  2. Hell yeah High 5 to that bro! I just rolled up a fatty and smoked with friends last saturday night. I have always liked joints and always will. Thanks for posting. :)
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    Same here. I found the perfect cardboard for tips-mouthpiece-crutch-whatever. In a box of tea there are these cardboard separators that keep the rows of tea bags straight. They are the perfect thickness. About like the cardboard used to package rolling papers.
  4. Haha, being 19 i guess you could consider me "todays generation." I used to own multi pieces, pretty nice rig with percs and all. This year i spent 0$ on pieces, about 10 on papers, and ALOT more on weed, but in bulk :D

    I like to smoke 2 J's walking the train tracks to my gas station, to grab a pack of white owls, of course :p

    So nice out right now in minnesota. Perfect pants weather, colors are changing, makes me glad to be alive :)
  5. True. I've had a pipe, lots of my mates smoke out of pipes, but I don't enjoy them as much. Joints are more social (I prefer them any day alone too) They're more fun to share too. Oh and some people actually waste more weed using glass since some people can't take the whole hit in one and blow some out...speaking of this I'm going to roll a joint :) I also smoke one joint a week, makes me work harder and have something to look forward to at the end of the week.
  6. LOL I know a dispensary that cuts up index cards, colors them with flourecent markers, and uses them for crutches in joints.
  7. Joints make the world go round, nothing better than rolling a cannon and blazing that thing like there's no tomorrow.
  8. There is a fashion and COOL style to smoking cigarettes... so replace the tobacco with cannabis and look like a badass blowing fat clouds off a nicely rolled J.
  9. While I enjoy smoking joints, having a glass bowl is just easy, convenient and gets the job done. There's nothing high tech or new age about it at all. They just replaced wood pipes with glass. I do agree with dabbing and vaping. I'll be honest, I don't like dabs. You get too fucked up for too short of a time. Not worth the time or the money. I prefer smoking the plant. But I think my favorite smoking method would be Bong, then joints, then a bowl
  10. todays generation?  guess i need to realize I'm a geezer.  a geezer who has smoked a joint every day for the last 18 years. 
    either way, keep toking responsibly young ones.
  11. i made a post the dick nazi hitler admins removed it for sharing my opinions, didnt know this was a nazi controlled site anywase yeah joints are the best method you light it once and u dont need to keep lighting it
  12. Finally someone who feels the same way. I love joints I'd rather smoke a joint then vape or use a bowl or bong because there is just something different about it. My friends tell me that it's a waste but I don't care I feel like the high is completely different from a joint to but that might just be in my head lol

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  13. Joints are bad they waste weed only nooibes and people who dont know how to smoke weed properly use joints
  14. how do you smoke weed properly?
  15. joints arent my first choice but they have their time and place
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    Hell yeah. It's beautiful right now in Florida as well. Love being outside. The nights are a very comfortable 60 degrees. Nice with a hoodie and some shorts. I longboard down to the pond and enjoy a blunt just about every night.

    There's no way to "properly" smoke weed... you light the marijuana and inhale the smoke.  If you have such a highly held godly way of smoking that you feel so good about to call "proper", then please enlighten us. Other than that, there's no proper way.
    Joints, blunts, dry pipes, water pipes, concentrates, vapes, they're all the same in the end. 
    You're probably butthurt because your joints look like turds. 
  17. I love lighting my joints with herb iron but since I broke it I'm using hemp wick for now 😠

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
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    Saying people who smoke joints aren't smoking weed properly is like saying someone who uses their hands to eat isn't eating properly, it's about preference and how I see it is, as long as it gets in your system, you're doing it right.
  19. I dont have the money lol. If i could smoke pounds id always roll js lol. But to be honest, one huge bong rip will get me as high as a joint between 2 people

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  20. I was curious what my local dispensary had for pre rolled joints, I get home and check it out to find this joint super loosely rolled with a cig filter in the end nearly falling out. Man, they should hire me to roll these things up I would do way better than this.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413930427.773690.jpg

    Here's some I've rolled

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413930680.518916.jpg

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