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Joints and purple lips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LivinFly, May 15, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking blunts for the longest, my lips are changing colors. Will switching to papers help?
  2. Idk would smoking a bong make them clear?
  3. Wait, joints or blunts?.. or both?..

    Either way, yeah, i've seen shit like this happen to longtime smokers. It's usually black people and their lips get really dark, I have seen white people with darker lips due to it too though lol.

    Not sure why....
  4. what color? make sure your joints are clean.
  5. yeah, its from the resin and the blunts make it worse i've always thought
    paper planes or crash into a mountain.
  6. Stop being black son.
  7. it's usually when their fat from all the resin acumulation
  8. Maybe you're just high?....

  9. Lls, yeah I'm half black. Sorry bout that.

    I don't smoke papers, im wondering if switchin to papers will help. I already got my questioned answered tho. Thanks

    Anyone know if tobacco stores sell raw papers? If imma smoke papers I need em big reg joints are too small and hard to roll.

  10. They should sell Raw papers just about everywhere, especially a tabacco shop... But I have no idea about where you live haha. Good choice on brand though. :smoke:
  11. Haha thanks.

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