Joints and how to make them last longer.

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  1. I like making joints and smoking them (I like the feeling of having a cigarette, oral fixation or whatever that is) but they don't last very long for me. I use "tops" brand paper, they are a little smaller, but not bad.

    I don't like tabacco (well don't want to get hooked) to put into joints, but that seems like the only way to make it burn longer.

    People talk about usijng honey for blunts, but have never heard about anything for joints. Would honey work for joints?

    Share your methods.
  2. I'm still a fairly new smoker, and I don't know much about blunts. Can someone please enlighten me? Wouldn't a whole cigar's worth of weed be a ton of weed?
  3. well you wanna get 1.5 papers because they are bigger than 1.25 (makes sence). and you can double roll it, using 2 papers. or you could just put more bud in but that wastes more
  4. I like the Zig Zag orange pak 1.25... they do seem to burn longer. I really like the concept of Randy's rolling papers, you know, the wire (good for passing at a party), but the paper tastes bad to me.
  5. "I have some blunt wraps that will roll a longer lasting thing, but they don't stick together so well."

    I find that a lot of people that can't roll a blunt or a blunt wrap aren't getting it wet right. You start to roll it like a joint. Then after you have your bud in that little pouch just getting ready to roll.. you gotta lick the WHOLE thing sloppy wet. Don't just lick the edge where glue should be on a rolling paper. Gotta lick the entire thing then roll it as tight as you can, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes. I usually hold it long ways with my middle and index fingers so it dries real tight. Or just put a light book/magazine on it, so it doesn't crush it but it keeps pressure on it.



    .. it's a waste.

    you have to chop it fine like powder.. or those herbs you can get in shaker thingies..

    and then pack the J tight. but not too tight. just tight enough so all the weed is touching, and then it will burn slowly.
    if the weed is not all compact, then the paper burns too fast for the weed and you get en Elvis.

    and Elvises really piss me off.

    it's all about perfecting your art my friend.


    ... is an art..
  7. I stopped smoking jays 16 years ago and now use a pipe.But I used to roll a medium cigarette and take a heavy toke and then put out the joint while I was holding the toke then relight the joint.This keeps you from wasting any smoke but uses up a lighter a little faster.
  8. If you have plenty of papers use 2 papers (stick one on the other one (im so stoned) then just roll it like another one and it will be really firm. Roll a reall fatty I mean like a Bob Marley type joint (pregnant looking joint) and that will burn slower. The only reason why people will put tabbacy in the joint is ti makes it burn alot slower. (took me forever to type this)
  9. the orange 1 1/4 ziggys that luke speaks of are good and slow-burning, i just really hate rolling with them.. white ziggys are imo easier to roll with.. they mold to the weed but they rip easily.. my fav. at the moment are bambu.. good good roll..

    and as for making them burn slower, my friends and i juice our spliffs ie. we lightly wet the cone part of the spliff for slower burning..

    honey is good for blunts i hear, though i've never smoked a real blunt, only golden wraps which are rolling papers made from tobacco.. i've tasted cognac and chocolate flavoured.. the chocolate ones are soooo good.. cognac has a zingy tangy spice to it, it can get annoying..
  10. Well whoever said 1.5s are better than the 1.25s is wrong imo.. i use 1.25s and usually even cut the paper a little more.. in my experiences the less paper.. the better tasting and the slower burning.. MJ will burn slower than paper.. too much paper will make the J burn faster.. and taste much nastier.. so double wrapping is a horrible idea as well imho.. You need to roll your J's tight with as little paper as possible to get it to burn slowest...

    As for person who wondered what a blunt was:

    -- and you dont fill the whole cigar with as much weed as tobacco was initially in it to answer your immediate question..


    -spliff :D
  11. My favorite papers are JOBs. I will use other brands if there are no JOBs but I always use 1.5 sizes. I roll up fat joints but dont lick until they are rolled to the best I can make them. Then I roll up another paper around the joint to make it double-wrapped (which by the way, to all you nay-sayers, actually does help it burn more even and slower). I lick it up good. Oops, can't forget the roach. Then you burn the tip to get it smoking a little bit while it is still wet. Smoke it up. Have fun.
  12. i like ZEN papers. tehy have a wire in them. its good for smoking thw whole joint. there is a lot of paper but it does last a hell of a long time. betweem 5+ people it will last a goood 5 or 6 times around the circle (or car). no shit!
  13. Yeah the ones with the wires or roach clips are good as well,

    But its all about Rizla King Size Papers in the blue pack.

    Hail 2 King Rizla! Rizla iz da king
  14. In my opinion a joint is best tight but not to tight, in my experiance I use a nice size filter (cardboard rolled up) and shove it into my joint it compacts it and makes it burn slower air = bad because it burns to quick ... I hope that made sence im wasted
  15. I like using Rizla Silvers. They're so thin... and there's no taste to them. At least, not that I remember....

    Double wrapping the joint? I can't imagine that smoking more paper will do better things for you....

    Either way, try christening your joint with honey. Just get a dab of it on a knife, and spread a thin coat over the entire joint. Gives it a nice taste, and it burns much, MUCH slower. Another way is to actually put the joint in your mouth & christen it /w saliva. Then run it quickly over a flame, and it'll burn up the excess saliva, and the paper's a bit damp.
  16. in my opinion buying rizzlas was a waste of money they barely burn out doors
  17. Forget the wraps, I always use my glassy 3 in spoon.. best thing i ever bought.. but incase it ever breaks (heaven forbid), i have a pack of ZZs in my wallet..
  18. zig zag cutkorners are good...don't got em anymore. imho, i'd say don't even venture into the whole "juicy jay's" scheme...haven't liked a single pack that i have used/bought from them. there isn't enough flavor on your lips like with a blunt and the paper is way too thin, if you don't use a grinder and break it up by hand, there's a good chance it'll rip. i like zig zag's, OCB's and smoking silver's...all slim of course, and king sized if they have em...
  19. here is a joint rolling thing I found on my computer. This dude I met on xbox live was talking about rolling an inside out joint..which I didn't know what it was. I can't tell that he is doing anything dif than what i'm doing..except he uses a filter..maybe you guys will know.

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  20. inside-out basically means the paper is reversed with the gum on the bottom and facing the floor.. it uses less paper that you can burn off later (WITH SKILL) or just tear off..

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