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  3. it got burnt a little bit because i tried to pack it in more with the fire from lighter but its ok its still good.

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  4. woah, you look pretty excited in that last pic :D

    guess i'd be too, that things pretty fat...
  5. yea nice joint you should post pics of the process . by the way is your name mike
  6. hey man nice j but you coulda chopped that weed up a bit better.
  7. all i had to chop it up were scissors and a shotglass, and no my name isnt mike, and yes it smoked reallly good and burnt perfect. i like chicken nuggets
  8. haha androo i smoked that joint with you remember. me and james. good times
  9. in my garage ahahahahah

  10. this confuses me. you tried to pack it in more with fire? please explain...:)
  11. we both do this, you lightly light around joint, and it pulls the paper onto the weed nice and tight. it makes it perfect.
  12. man i want that joint, i wish i could scan stuff and it jumps out of the paper so i can smoke it again.. did that make sense? ok good
  13. there are actually things called fabbers, or fabricators, that allow printing 3d objects possible.

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