Joint THC Retention

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  1. Evenin' ladies and gents, and a happy new year! I've just rolled up a generation joint, and I was wondering just to what extent previously-jointed weed collects and retains THC from the smoke that passes through it in the joint. I remember one morning after a party I lit up the last 1/2 inch of the blunt we'd smoked the night before, and I got higher it seemed off that 1/2 inch than the entire thing from the night before. What's the good word on this phenomenon? Thanks!
  2. No one can say for certain to what extent, too many variables. All I can assume is the bigger the joint/blunt was, the more potent the roach.
  3. I think when you smoking a joint, the 1000 degree F or so hot smoke is passing down the joint and cooling down, vaporizes thc on the way and when the temperature is under 390 degree F or so it starts to condensate in the rest of the joint. Therefor, the end of a joint contents more thc and gives more stone.
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