Joint Smokers, Best Papers?

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  1. Give me some recommendations on good papers.
    Pros, Cons, Etc.
    I personally like Zig Zag 1 1/4 Ultra thins.

    Ultra thins are great, because you get less of a paper hit.
    Mine usually turn out like this.


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  2. ez widers are pretty great there easy to roll with aswell
  3. ZZ ultra thins are sweet. I like original ZZ's and the ZZ lights. RAW papes are sweet too.
  4. I like to use Rizla's for my papers but all the stores around here stopped carrying them. :mad: So now I use Ez-Wider 1 1/2 they tend to make a nice size joint. But everyone has a different size or brand they use, best off trying a bunch of different ones and finding the type that fits you. Thats what I did.

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    i dont know about them ez widers. whenever i roll wit them the paper just tends to burn instead of the nug
  6. zig zag 1 1/4
  7. I like randys cause they have the wire built in them. Zigzags are good too.
  8. Bambu 1.25's slow burning, made of hemp, easy to roll, great taste. out of all the papers i've had, Bambu's are the best by far
  9. i really like those new clear cellulose papers but i don't think they're the best to smoke with they're more of a novelty. For regular jays i use juicys or ez widers... i also used some hempire and found that they burned real slow
  10. juicy or tops
  11. zig zag 1 1/4 (the orange ones)

  12. do they sell those at smokeshops or gas stations?
    my favorites are the zig zag 1 1/4 (orange ones)

  13. both i think. although they may not be available at all gas stations
  14. Hempire papers are the best man. The 1 and 1/2 papers and the King Size papers are all i blaze with.
  15. Jokers anyone? Am I the only one here who uses jokers? :p
  16. joker hemp 1 1/4 burn slower and more evenly i love em
  17. I used Joker for a while, felt like switchin to zig-zag though.
  18. 1.5's they sell them at all gas stations ....just quick and easy
  19. french lights 1 1/4

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