joint smoker looking to buy a bong... where to start?

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  1. ive been smoking euro style joints for years, but hate tobacco, taste, health, addictive reasons and i only smoke it with weed, this is a costly and wasteful approach to smoking i think and its just plain filthy shit. i'm interested in getting a bong from a head shop but dunno where to start. like what material is best for a bong? what are essential features for a bong? theres so much stuff on here about em that i dont understand so if anyone cud gimme a hand id be delighted. I would be willing to splash good money on one eventually but im kinda looking for an average/relatively cheap one first to see how i like it before upgrading to sumin top notch
  2. yea man Im with ya, fuck tobacco. Stay green :D

    Glass is always best. Best to store your herb in, best to smoke from, best to drink from..Glass is just THE BEST, period.

    You want a simple, quality piece. Avoid glass bongs with metal OR rubber pieces. Try to get GonG(glass on glass) pieces, they are the best.

    Dont get something too tall or it will be way too hard to store, clean, maintain, and it wont be enjoyable to use.

    good luck, best to start searching online if your not sure what you want.

    Heres an example of a really nice, high quality GonG bong, though its small, I have one and it hits well and its a good price. Travel Tube with Diffy and Slide by SoulShineFamilyGlass on Etsy
  3. I think the place to start would be to decide on your budget.

    Check out the GC shop and read the reviews on various pieces.

    Do you want a "tool" or a conversation piece?

    Do you want something with all the bells and whistles or something basic?

    Is size important?

    Will you be transporting it around? How durable do you need?

    More importantly, which one do you look at and say "I've gotta have that!"
  4. Thats not a good idea if you dont know what you want or what exactly you're looking at.

    research first.

  5. ???????????

    Sorry, I thought the research was implied. My apologies for not being clear. I was merely trying to point out some of the things to be thought of in the decision making process...
  6. No i guess the OP didnt make it clear enough that he didnt actually know what he wants. he cant say more then about quality, no actual specs.
  7. glass on glass sounds good i would have gone for sumin glass if i cud but dint no the bowl would be glass too so cheers for that! as for transport etc i dont think ill be driving it around much as i kinda want a bong so can get fucking baked at home in peace rather den driving round smoking joints and risking gettin busted. as for budget i reckon bout 50 euro to be honest coz i havent smoked a bong since i was bout 14 so not even sure how i will find it. are bong rips quite enjoyable? or is it kinda like a challenege to take in as much as possible or what

  8. its most def a tool for getting fucked up, anyone who i know that smokes would only smoke joints and would not try a bong coz its "stupid or not how you should smoke" or whatever. im just looking for a good way of gettin real high with less weed den doobs if possible and a generally healthier way to smoke
  9. Theres no 'healthier' way to smoke. Smoke is bad for you and smoke as smoke as long as its just the herb and no tobacco.

    Try that bong i reccomended with the link, it seems around your budget.
  10. just buy a cheap bong and try it out, maybe off of weedstar. Anyways if you like how it hits and what not then you can upgrade to a RooR, Ehle, Illadelph and so onnnn

  11. true but a few bong rips a day is gonna be alot healthier den 3 or 4 tobacco filled joints! im not able to get this online id say coz would need to use parents credit card so cant do that, i checked out shop near me and they dont have any decent glass bongs just smallish gay lookin ones, they all seem to be ceramic or plastic i think with metal bowls, are they a complete no go yeah?
  12. fuck that shit man

    Glass or bust.

  13. The Funky Skunk
    check out what glass is available to me tho, the one nearly reasonable one is shaped like a giant cock ahaha
  14. just buy a pre paid credit card and use a good site!

    At least get a good glass piep for now if you cant afford a bong.
  15. right cheers for d advice man atleast i no what to look out for now!
  16. My advice would be to go to your local glass shop, and look around. find a nice simple glass on glass piece for a good price, and try it out. its your first glass piece so it shouldnt be too extravigant.

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